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Shakib Khan

Masud Rana the original name of Shakib Khan. Sakib is a bengali popular film actor from Bangladeshi film industry known as Dhallywood. Sakib Khan was born in a Muslim family on 28 March 1983 in Narayanganj district in Dhaka division. His father was a govt employee. He has a brother and a sister.

King No 1 Shakib

He made his acting debut in the film Annotho Bhalobasha in the year 1999. He has received many awards and acclamation. He is the highest paid actor in Dhallywood. He won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na.

Khan married co-actor Apu Biswas in a private wedding ceremony at Khan’s Gulshan house in Dhaka on 18 April 2008, but kept it secret until 2017. Their son (Abraham khan Joy) was born on 27 September 2016. Since 2011, Shakib Khan has been the president of the Film Artist Association till 18 May 2017.

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan was born in Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His father Abdur Rab was a government officer and his mother Nurjahan is a housewife. His father’s job required the family to relocate frequently from one city to another during his school years. He had good results in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exams.

Besides education, he also had an interest in dancing. He completed a dancing course under film choreographer Aziz Reza. In 1998 he went to Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) with his dance master Aziz Reza, a studio of Bangladeshi film industry at that time, where he met a photographer who asked him to take part in a photo shoot. During the photo shoot, film director Abul Khair Bulbul noticed Shakib and offered him the leading role in his movie Shobaito Shukhi Hote Chai. Shakib accepted the offer. But Shakib Khan made his debut in the big screen with Ananta Bhalobasha (1999) directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan.

Shakib Khan


  • Name: Masud Rana
  • Other name: King Khan, শাকিব খান, Sakib Khan
  • Born: 28 March 1983
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Birth Place: Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Education:
  • Profession: Actor
  • Citizenship: Bangladesh
  • Family: Father: Abdur Rab; Mother: Nur Jahan
  • Language: Bangla

Filmography of Sakib Khan

  1. Annotho Bhalobasha (1999)
  2. Sobai Tu Shukhi Hote Chai (2000)
  3. Fhul Nibo Na Ossro Nibo (2002)
  4. Shopner Bashor (2003)
  5. Amar Shopno Tumi (2005)
  6. Chachu (2006)
  7. Koti Takar Kabin (2006)
  8. Mayer Morjada (2006)
  9. Dadima, Pitar Ason (2007)
  10. Amar Praner Shami (2007)
  11. Priya Amar Priya (2008)
  12. Mone Prane Acho Tumi (2008)
  13. Tumi Shopno Tumi Shadhona (2008)
  14. Mone Boro Kosto (2009)
  15. Shaheb Name Golam (2009)
  16. Jaan Amar Jaan (2009)
  17. Bolbo Kotha Bashor Ghore (2009)
  18. Preme Porechi (2010)
  19. Poran Jaye Jolia Re (2010)
  20. Nissash Amar Tumi(2010)
  21. Hai Prem Hai Bhalobasa (2010)
  22. Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na(2010)
  23. Number One Shakib Khan(2010)
  24. Matir Thikana (2011)
  25. Tiger Number One (2011)
  26. Boss Number One (2011)
  27. Tor Karone Beche Achi(2011)
  28. Priya Amar Jaan(2011)
  29. I Love You (2012)
  30. Amar Challenge (2012)
  31. Ak Takar Denmohor (2012)
  32. Ek Mon Ek Pran (2012)
  33. Sontaner Moto Sontan (2012)
  34. My Name Is Sultan (2012)
  35. Khoder Pore Ma (2012)
  36. Dhakar King (2012)
  37. Se Amar Mon Kereche (2012)
  38. Durdhorso Premik (2012)
  39. Don Number One (2012)
  40. Ziddi Mama (2012)
  41. Buk Fatey To Mukh Foteyna (2013)
  42. Jor Kore Valobasha Hoy na(2013)
  43. Devdas (2013)
  44. Judge Barrister Police Commissioner (2013)
  45. Nishpap Munna (2013)
  46. My Name Is Khan (2013)
  47. Bhalobasa Aaj Kal (2013)
  48. Dhaka To Bombay (2013)

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