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Salman Shah [Actor]

Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, better known as Salman Shah or সালমান শাহ, was a Bangladeshi actor. His first appearance in a major role was in ‘Keyamat Thekey Keyamat’ released on March 1993 with co-actress Moushumi directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. By one episode TV serial Pathor Shomoy, Salman started his career. He also appeared as a model in television advertisements.

In early 90’s this popular actor starred in many successful movies. Salman Shah is the greatest and ever green actor in the Bangladeshi Cinema during ninety decade. He acted total 27 films in his career. For excellent beauty, own style and handsome figure he was a heartthrob actor in Bangladesh.

Salman Shah

Salman Shah was born on September 19, 1971 in Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh to Kamaruddin Chowdhuri and Nila Chowdhur. He was the eldest son of family and original name was Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, although he is called as Salman shah in the showbiz industry. Salman shah completed primary education from Bayra Model High school, Khulna. Then he came to Dhaka, admitted Arab Mission School at Dhanmondi and completed SSC from this school in 1987. Salman Shah completed HSC from Adamji Cantonment College and received graduation degree from Maleka Science College, Dhanmondi.

Salman Shah died 6th September, 1996. He was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom.

Salman Shah


Name: Shahriar Chowdhury Emon
Other name: Emon, Salman, সালমান শাহ, Salman Shah
Born: 19 September 1971
Died: 6 September 1996
Birth Place: Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Education: HSC from Adamji Cantonment College and Graduation from Maleka Science College, Dhanmondi.
Profession: Actor
Citizenship: Bangladesh
Language: Bangla


Family of Salman Shah

  • Father: Kamaruddin Chowdhuri
  • Mother: Nila Chowdhury
  • Brother: Shaharan Evan Chowdhury
  • Spouse: Samira Huq (m. 1991–1996)


Filmography of Salman Shah:


  1. Keyamat Thekey Keyamat (1993)
  2. Antorey Antorey (1993)
  3. Bikkhov (1994)
  4. konnya dan (1996)
  5. Denmohor (1994)
  6. Bichar hobe (1994)
  7. Tomake chai (1994)
  8. Chaowa theke paowa (1994)
  9. Swopner thikana (1995)
  10. Moha milon (1995)
  11. Asa valobasa (1995)
  12. Swopner prithibi (1995)
  13. Jibon shongsar (1995)
  14. Anondo asru (1995)
  15. Sujon Sokhi (1996)
  16. Sneho (1996)
  17. Prem Juddho (1996)
  18. Anjuman (1996)
  19. Ei ghor ei shongsar (1996)
  20. Mayer odhikar (1996)
  21. Sotter Mrittu Nai (1996)
  22. Priyojon (1997)
  23. Prem piyasi (1997)
  24. Swopner nayok (1997)
  25. Sudhu tumi (1997)
  26. Tumi amar (1997)
  27. Buker vitor agun (1997)


  1. Pathor Shomoy
  2. Etikotha
  3. Akas choya
  4. Doyel
  5. Sob pakhi ghore fere
  6. Soikote saros
  7. Nayon
  8. Sopner prithibi


1. Salman’s wife Samira was also an actress. Salman was unsatisfied with his wife. There are many reasons behind it. The night before his death, he called his uncle-in-law and told him, he wants to divorce Samira. It was the first clue to make a suspicion towards Salman’s death.

  1. Salman was hanged by a rope with a ceiling fan. But, the rope which was found with his throat was different from the rope found with the fan. This makes clear evidence that, someone may murder him with that rope and tied another rope with the fan to make it believable as a suicide case.

  2. Salman’s body was brought down with the help of a long ladder. It was quite impossible to arrange a long ladder like that over a short period of time in that high rise apartment.

  3. A particular brand of cigarette was found on the floor of Salman’s room on that day. Salman was also a smoker, but it was not his brand. It makes another strong suspicion that someone else was present on that room when he died.

  4. Salman’s body was buried quickly. Later, post-mortem was done on his body. The doctor who did the post-mortem was sure that it was a murder case. But, he was threatened by some people. So, he did not express those in court.

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