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Carl Sagan was the classic hero of science culture during the 70’s and 80’s. He was an astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist, author and science educator. His extraordinary work for Alien intelligence and life form still amaze science enthusiasts. Carl’s most celebrated work was the educational science TV show Cosmos: A personal Voyage.

Carl Sagan, full name Carl Edward Sagan was born on November 9, 1934, in Brooklyn, New York. His Mother was Rachel Molly Gruber and Father was Samuel Sagan. He had a younger sister named Carol. During his childhood, he became interested in stars after reading some books at the library. After watching some futuristic visions at the world’s Fair of New York, he got more interested. He was also a fan of the 40’s sci-fi magazines. The stories and pictures of flying saucers fascinated him very much.

Carl Sagan Planets
Carl Sagan

Carl finished high school at the age of 16. Then he continued to the University of Chicago. He completed his graduation in 1955 in physics. Then he got his Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics. After that, he worked at the University of California. During this period, he worked with the NASA team for the development of Mariner 2 robotic probe.

From 1960, Sagan started working at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. He also worked at the Harvard University at that time. After some time, he became the director of Cornell University’s Laboratory for Planetary Studies. Then again, he helped NASA with some other space probes. One of them is Voyager, which was made to go beyond our solar system.

Sagan was also futurist. He proposed many plans for interstellar flights, terraforming planets etc. He was also a consultant for the famous futuristic movie 2001: A space Odyssey. Though a little number of scientist became a well-celebrated personality, Carl was a very popular one back then. He became even popular after publishing some of his book like The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective etc. His book ‘Contact’ was also made into a film in 1997.

Later in 1980’s, Carl Sagan started to film his legendary TV Series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. He wrote and hosted this astounding documentary himself. His another special documentary was Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space (1994).

He married three times and divorced 2 times. He had 5 children. This legendary scientist died on December 20, 1996. He was suffering from myelodysplasia for two years. His grave is located at Lakeview Cemetery in Ithaca, New York.


Born: November 9, 1934, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Died: December 20, 1996, Seattle, Washington, United States
Movies and TV shows: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Contact


Spouse: Ann Druyan (m. 1981–1996), Linda Salzman Sagan (m. 1968–1981), Lynn Margulis (m. 1957–1964)


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Richa Sharma was born in Mumbai in 1963. She was an Indian actress who acted in Bollywood movies. She was discovered by Dev Anand. Richa Sharma made her Bollywood debut in 1985 with Hum Naujawan (1985) alongside Dev Anand and Bunty Behl. Her second film was Insaaf Ki Awaaz(1986). Rekha and Anil Kapoor co-starred in this film. She also acted in a Hindi movie Anubhav along with the co-actor Shekhar Suman. Richa met Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, at a rehab in 1982.

Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma got into a turbulent relationship and they shared great chemistry in their real life. Later they married in 1987 in New York. They subsequently had a child, Trishala Dutt, born in 1988. But just two months after Trishala’s birth, Richa was diagnosed with cancer and the couple separated. Trishala lives with her maternal grandparents in the USA. Richa Sharma was later diagnosed with a brain tumor and died in 1996 in New York.

Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma
Sanjay Dutt and Richa Sharma



Name: Richa Sharma
Another name: Richa Sanjay Dutt
Born: 1963
Star Sign:
Birth Place: Mumbai, India
Died: 1996, New York City, New York, United States
Profession: Actress
Citizenship: Indian
Language: Hindi


  • Spouse: Sanjay Dutt (m. October 12, 1987–1996)
  • Children: Trishala Dutt



  • Hum Naujawan (1985)
  • Anubhav (1986)
  • Insaaf Ki Awaaz (1986)
  • Aag Hi Aag (1987)
  • Sadak Chaap (1987)

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Adel Adham was one of Egypt’s most famous actors. He was born on March eighth, 1928, in Egypt, and died on February 9, 1996. He was known for his portrayal of evil and ambiguous characters. His stardom was mainly in the 70s and 80s of last century. His father was a senior member of the government, and his mother was half Turkish. When Adel was young he took part in gymnastics, boxing, swimming, and wrestling.

His debut in cinema was the year 1945 in the film Laila bint el foqarâ’, where he appeared in the role of a very small dancer. His second appearance coming in the movie “Al-Bayt El-Kabeer“. In his most recent film before his death, his character was told by another character that he will go to hell. Adham’s character’s response? “Well, if we go to heaven, we will not find anyone we know!

Adel Adham
Adel Adham

Notable Works of Adel Adham

  • 1945: Laila, Daughter of the Poor (Laila bint el foqarâ’)
  • 1950: Never Came to My Mind (Makansh ‘lbâl)
  • 1963: The Dark Pair of Glasses (el Nadharah el sawdâ’)
  • 1964: Am I Insane? (Hal ana magnounah?)
  • 1964: A Weird Girl (Fatah Châzah)
  • 1964: The Spy (el Gâsous)
  • 1964: The Noble Family (el ‘Â’ilah el karîmah)
  • 1965: The Technical Director (el Moudîr el fanî)
  • 1965: The Adulteress (el Khâ’inah)
  • 1966: Hamdan the Knight (Fâris banî Hamdân)
  • 1965: The Three Adventurers (el Moughamiroun el thalâthah)
  • 1966: His Excellency the Ambassador (Ganab el Safîr)
  • 1967: The Most Dangerous Man in the World (Akhtar ragoul fel ‘âlam)
  • 1967: The Thief of the Millions (Sâriq el malâyîn)
  • 1967: Nora (Nourah)
  • 1968: The Jours of Love (Ayâm el houbb)
  • 1968: How to Steal an Atomic Bomb (Kayfa tasriq Qounboula Zareyyah)
  • 1969: She and the Devil (Heyya wal Chayâtîn)
  • 1969: Afrah (Afrâh)
  • 1969: A Sweet Jour (Youm ‘asl)
  • 1970: The Paper Thief (Haramî el waraqah)
  • 1970: The Fox and the Chameleon (el Tha’lab wel herbâ’)
  • 1970: The Evil Doers (el Achrâr)
  • 1970: Noble Thieves (Losos lakn Chorafâ’)
  • 1970: The Murderers (el Qatalah)
  • 1971: Chatting on the Nile (Thartharah fawq el Nîl)
  • 1971: Lady of the Black Moons (Sayedat el aqmâr el sawdâ’)
  • 1971: The Queen of Love (Malikat el houbb)
  • 1971: Music, Spying and Love Mousiqa wa gasousiyah wa houbb)
  • 1972: Imtesal (Imtisâl)
  • 1972: The Visitor (el Zâ’irah)
  • 1973: The Woman who Defeated the Devil (el Mar’ah alati ghalabat el chaytân)
  • 1975: Love under Rain (Houbb taht el matar)
  • 1975: Meeting with the Past (Liqâ’ ma’a el mâdî)
  • 1975: Lost Women (Nisâ’ dâ’i’ât)
  • 1975: Women and Wolves (el Ounthah wel Dhi’âb)
  • 1976: Women in Print (Nisâ’ taht el tab’)
  • 1976: Oh Wise God (Hekmitak ya Rab)
  • 1976: Waves without a shore (Amwâg bila chât’)
  • 1976: I wish I did not Know Love (Laytanî ma’reft el houbb)
  • 1976: The Guilty (el Mouzniboun)
  • 1977: The Sad Night Bird (Ta’r el Layl el Hazîn)
  • 1977: Barefoot on a Bridge of Gold (Hafiya ‘ala gesr el dahab)
  • 1978: I Want Love and Tenderness (Ourid houbban wa hanânan)
  • 1978: The Miserable (el Bou’asâ’)
  • 1978: The Game (el Li’bah)
  • 1978: Devil in the City (Iblîs fî el madînah)
  • 1978: Masters and Slaves (Asyâd wa ‘abîd)
  • 1979: Stronger than Jours (Aqwa min el Ayyâm)
  • 1979: The Curse of Time (La’nit el Zaman)
  • 1979: The Sin of an Angel (Khatî’t malâk)
  • 1979: Let Me Take Revenge (Da’onî antaqim)
  • 1979: My Life is Torture (Hayatî adhâb)
  • 1979: Dirty Hands (el Aydî el qadhirah)
  • 1981: Seeds of Evil (Boudhour el char)
  • 1981: A Man in the Full Sense (Ragol be ma’na el kalimah)
  • 1981: The Devil is Preaching (el Chaytân ya’dh)
  • 1981: Love is not Enough (el Houbb wahdo la yakfî)
  • 1981: I am the Insane (Ana el magnoun)
  • 1981: The Shark (el Qirsh)
  • 1981: Where are You Hiding the Sun ?? (Ayna tokhabi’on el Chams?)
  • 1982: The Slaughter House (el Salakhânah)
  • 1983: Wedad the Dancer (Widâd el ghagariyyah)
  • 1983: Tannery Tower (Bourg el madabigh)
  • 1983: The Addict (el Modmin)
  • 1983: Flat Foot in Egypt
  • 1948: The Baker’s (el Fourn)
  • 1948: The Dancer and the Drummer (el Raqissah wal tabâl)
  • 1984: The Swindler (el Nasâbîn)
  • 1984: Guard Dogs (Kilâb el herâsah)
  • 1984: Two on the Road (Ethnân ‘la el tarîq)
  • 1984: The Unknown (el Maghoul)
  • 1984: Thieves of the Desert (Losous el sahara’)
  • 1985: The Doorman is in Charge (Sâhib el idârah bawab el ‘imarah)
  • 1985: A Deal with a Woman (Safqah ma’a imra’ah)
  • 1985: The Allowed and the Prohibited (el Halâl we el harâm)
  • 1985: El Sayed Qeshtah (el Sayyed Qeshtah)
  • 1986: Snakes (el Tha’abîn)
  • 1986: The Revenge (el Intiqâm)
  • 1986: A Man for this Time (Ragoul le hadha el dhamân)
  • 1986: The Age of Wolves (‘Asr el dhi’ab)
  • 1987: The Giant (el ‘Mlâq)
  • 1989: The Garden of Blood (Boustân el dam)
  • 1989: The Price of Estrangement (Thaman el Ghorbah)
  • 1989: Help! (Ilhâ’ounah)
  • 1989: Hell Under Water (Gahîm Tahta el mâ’)
  • 1990: Supermarket (Soupermârkit)
  • 1991: The Apple of the Eye (Nour el ‘ouyoun)
  • 1994: The Lady’s Chauffeur (Sawâq el hânîm)
  • 1994: The Man of his Time (‘ntâr dhamânoh)
  • 1994: The Red Flag (el Râyyah el Hamrâh)
  • 1996: Suspected Relations (‘Ilaqât machbouhah)


  • Name: Adel Adham
  • Other: The Prince, Adil Adham, عادل أدهم
  • Born: March 28, 1928, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Died: February 1, 1996, Cairo, Egypt
  • Star Sign: Pisces


Parents: Mohamed Hassan Adham, Khadija Takosh

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Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, better known as Salman Shah or সালমান শাহ, was a Bangladeshi actor. His first appearance in a major role was in ‘Keyamat Thekey Keyamat’ released on March 1993 with co-actress Moushumi directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. By one episode TV serial Pathor Shomoy, Salman started his career. He also appeared as a model in television advertisements.

In early 90’s this popular actor starred in many successful movies. Salman Shah is the greatest and ever green actor in the Bangladeshi Cinema during ninety decade. He acted total 27 films in his career. For excellent beauty, own style and handsome figure he was a heartthrob actor in Bangladesh.

Salman Shah

Salman Shah was born on September 19, 1971 in Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh to Kamaruddin Chowdhuri and Nila Chowdhur. He was the eldest son of family and original name was Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, although he is called as Salman shah in the showbiz industry. Salman shah completed primary education from Bayra Model High school, Khulna. Then he came to Dhaka, admitted Arab Mission School at Dhanmondi and completed SSC from this school in 1987. Salman Shah completed HSC from Adamji Cantonment College and received graduation degree from Maleka Science College, Dhanmondi.

Salman Shah died 6th September, 1996. He was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom.

Salman Shah


Name: Shahriar Chowdhury Emon
Other name: Emon, Salman, সালমান শাহ, Salman Shah
Born: 19 September 1971
Died: 6 September 1996
Birth Place: Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Education: HSC from Adamji Cantonment College and Graduation from Maleka Science College, Dhanmondi.
Profession: Actor
Citizenship: Bangladesh
Language: Bangla


Family of Salman Shah

  • Father: Kamaruddin Chowdhuri
  • Mother: Nila Chowdhury
  • Brother: Shaharan Evan Chowdhury
  • Spouse: Samira Huq (m. 1991–1996)


Filmography of Salman Shah:


  1. Keyamat Thekey Keyamat (1993)
  2. Antorey Antorey (1993)
  3. Bikkhov (1994)
  4. konnya dan (1996)
  5. Denmohor (1994)
  6. Bichar hobe (1994)
  7. Tomake chai (1994)
  8. Chaowa theke paowa (1994)
  9. Swopner thikana (1995)
  10. Moha milon (1995)
  11. Asa valobasa (1995)
  12. Swopner prithibi (1995)
  13. Jibon shongsar (1995)
  14. Anondo asru (1995)
  15. Sujon Sokhi (1996)
  16. Sneho (1996)
  17. Prem Juddho (1996)
  18. Anjuman (1996)
  19. Ei ghor ei shongsar (1996)
  20. Mayer odhikar (1996)
  21. Sotter Mrittu Nai (1996)
  22. Priyojon (1997)
  23. Prem piyasi (1997)
  24. Swopner nayok (1997)
  25. Sudhu tumi (1997)
  26. Tumi amar (1997)
  27. Buker vitor agun (1997)


  1. Pathor Shomoy
  2. Etikotha
  3. Akas choya
  4. Doyel
  5. Sob pakhi ghore fere
  6. Soikote saros
  7. Nayon
  8. Sopner prithibi


1. Salman’s wife Samira was also an actress. Salman was unsatisfied with his wife. There are many reasons behind it. The night before his death, he called his uncle-in-law and told him, he wants to divorce Samira. It was the first clue to make a suspicion towards Salman’s death.

  1. Salman was hanged by a rope with a ceiling fan. But, the rope which was found with his throat was different from the rope found with the fan. This makes clear evidence that, someone may murder him with that rope and tied another rope with the fan to make it believable as a suicide case.

  2. Salman’s body was brought down with the help of a long ladder. It was quite impossible to arrange a long ladder like that over a short period of time in that high rise apartment.

  3. A particular brand of cigarette was found on the floor of Salman’s room on that day. Salman was also a smoker, but it was not his brand. It makes another strong suspicion that someone else was present on that room when he died.

  4. Salman’s body was buried quickly. Later, post-mortem was done on his body. The doctor who did the post-mortem was sure that it was a murder case. But, he was threatened by some people. So, he did not express those in court.

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