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Anjan Dutt

Anjan Dutt is one of the most talented Bengali singer and songwriter in 90s for his alternative music. His style of music is different from others which have a simple tune, natural lyrics and also a little bit touch of folk music. He is also the first Bengali musician who depends more on saxophone. He is also an actor and director of Bengali films.

Anjan Dutt born on 19 January 1953 at Kolkata West Bengal India. He spent his school life at Darjeeling St Paul’s School. His father was a lawyer and also wanted his son to be a lawyer but young Anjan Dutt was more interested in cinema and music. He achieved MA degree in English from “University Of Kolkata”.

Anjan Dutt
Anjan Dutt

Anjan Dutt started his career with working on theater with Badal Sarkar. After that, he joined a group named “Open Theatre”. Then he was cast by Mrinal Sen for a film named “Chalachitro(1981)” which was also his debut in the film though it was never released commercially. After that, he worked in many Bengali films as an actor such as “Kharij(1982)”, “The Bengali Night(1988)”, “Shunya Theke Shuru(1993)”, “Shilpi(1993)”, “Dutta Vs Dutta(2012)”, “Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona(2011)” etc. He also worked as a film director. He started his filmmaking career by a Hindi film named “Badadin (1998)”. His first work on Bengali film direction is “Bow Barracks Forever(2004)”. He has also directed “The Bong Connection(2006)”, “Chalo Lets Go(2008)”, “Madly Bangali(2009)”, “Byomkesh Bakshi(2010)”, “Abar Byomkesh(2012)”, “The Bongs Again(2016)” etc.

Anjan Dutt is a great fan of Bob Dylan. He was also greatly influenced by the music of Kabir Suman. He is very famous for his song name “2441139”. Anjan took his music career seriously when HMV offered him to create an album. He worked on albums like “Shunte Ki Chao(1994)”, “Purano Guitar(1995), “Ma(1998)”, “Hello Bangladesh(1999)”, “Kolkata-16(1999)”, “Asomoy(2000)”, “Abar Pothe Dekha(2007)” etc.

Anjan Dutt also got Vince Film Festival award for film “Chalachitra” in Best Newcomer Actor category (1981). He also got National Film Award for his film “Ranjana Ami Ar Asbo Na”.

In his personal life, Chandana Dutt is Anjan Dutt’s better half and Neel Dutt is his only son who is also a music composer and vocalist.


Born: January 19, 1953 (age 63), Kolkata, India
Albums: Bhalobashi Tomay, Kolkata–16, Purono Guitar, More


Children: Neel Dutt

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