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Anastasia Kolesnichenko

Anastasia Kolesnichenko is a Ukrainian dancer. She appeared in the Ukraine’s Got Talent show. There she made a name for herself. Anastasia Kolesnichenko performs contemporary dance form. Anastasia Kolesnichenko is 21 years old.

Anastasia Kolesnichenko

Anastasia Kolesnichenko’s first performance in Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Anastasia Kolesnicenko is a talented dancer. Her father never acknowledged her as a dancer. Her Father said that she did not have the talent to make it as a dancer. Anastasia Klesnicenko was depressed at hearing this. She quit dancing after hearing her father depressing words. She came to spotlight in the 2013 edition of Ukraine’s Got Talent. Like other talents before her Anastasia Kolesnicenko proved her on the big stage. In the beginning of her audition the judges asked her if she was a dancer. Anastasia Kolesnichenko answered in negative. The reason for this was because she quit dancing 2 years ago. Se told the judges that her father said she wasn’t a good dancer and she should quit dancing. She performed a contemporary piece on the show. She had some extraordinary steps to show. The judges praised her a lot. It was a heart touching performance. Anastasia Kolesnichenko showed some incredible and innovative dance steps in her performances. She got selected in the show. She also got really emotional of the show. The judges said that she was one of the best dancers they have seen on the show. She again came back to the show with a partner and danced on a Rihanna song.

Anastasia Kolesnichenko is a very beautiful dancer. She has a pretty face and dark brown hair. She has a naturally beautiful figure. She is a really hard worker. She practices a lot and for long period of times. Anastasia Kolesnichenko is one dancer to remember. Her elegance on the stage is flawless. She is an extremely true dancer.

Anastasia Kolesnichenko’s second performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Dont get confused with Anastasia Sokolova and Anastasia Skukhtorova.

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