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Anastasia Sokolova

Anastasia Sokolova is a dancer from Ukraine. Her specialty is in pole dancing. She is an amazing pole dancer. Her beauty and dancing makes her a wanted lady. Anastacia sokolova is one fine young dancer.

Anastasia Sokolova’s cabaret performance.

Anastasia watched an movie and saw pole dancing. She wanted to dance like that and started dancing. Anastasia first gained fame as a contestant on Ukraine’s Got Talent. She was the second runner-up of Ukraine’s Got Talent 2013. Anastasia Sokolova is a hot young blonde. She burns the stage with her dancing. Her pole dancing skills are on a whole different level. The stunts Anastasia can perform on a pole is amazing. She can stun the crowd with her beauty too. Some people went on to say she has perfected pole dancing. Anastasia has an extremely flexible body. Anastasia’s dancing can stray a man from reality to fantasy. She is a one of a kind dancer. Anastasia Sokolova is a dream for adult boys. Her dance makes you think, what she might do with you? If anyone have not seen her dance, you missed an amazing show. Go and search for her videos.When Anastasia Sokolova came on to the stage on UKraine’s Got Talent her life took a drastic turn. She almost won the top prize. Anyways, Anastasia Sokolova won millions of heart. She was shown to the world. Her beauty alone is enough to make her famous. But her beauty is nothing compared to her dancing. She will take your breathe away with her dancing. Anastasia Sokolova’s acrobatics are mind-blowing. Even girls are attracted to her. All in all Anastasia Sokolova is a beautiful dancer.

Don’t get confused with the other pole dancer named Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia Sokolova during Ukraine's Got Talent.

There is a difference between strippers and a pole dancers. Some pole dancers work as strippers. That doesn’t mean all of them are strippers. Pole dancing is a performance art form. Anastasia Sokolova is a master of pole dancing. Her talents can will taker her to the top.

Here are some of Anastasia Sokolova’s pictures.


Anastasia Sokolova on Ukraines got talent.



Anastasia Sokolova wearing black on a pole


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