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Yosra El Lozy

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Yosra El Lozy is an Egyptian film actress. This beautiful actress’s name has various spellings like Youssra El Lozy, Yousra Ellozi, and Yusra El Lawzi as she is an arab actress. She has received many awards from regional and international film festivals. She’s a rising star who first showed up in her movies with an excessive dose of daring scenes.

Beautiful Egyptian actress Yosra was born in Cairo in 1985. She is half-Syrian half-Egyptian. Her father, Mahmoud El Lozy, a Theatre Professor at the AUC. Yosra studied at the Faculty of Political Science at the American University in Cairo and minoring in Theatre and Modern History. She began her acting career with “Alexandria..New York” by Youssef Chahine in 2004, where she played the role of young Ginger.

Yosra loves playing the piano and dancing ballet. She also likes to play football (soccer) with her father. She is highly talented when it comes to singing. She has acted in many AUC Theatre productions such as “A Silly Goose“, “The Sultan’s Dilemma“, “Sulayman EL Halabi” and “Reader“. She hopes to pursue her studies in International Law.

A Small Interview of Yosra

Personal Information:

  • Name: Yosra El Lozy
  • Other: يسرا اللوزى‎,
  • Born: August 8, 1985
  • Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Parents: Mahmoud El Lozy
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Education: Political Science at AUC

Notable Works Of Yosra El Lozy


  • Izaet Hob (2011)
  • Microphone (2010)
  • Noqtat An-Nour (2010)
  • Sehr El Eshq (2010)
  • El Ostaz Ehsan (2010)
  • Heliopolis (2010)
  • Bas fi haga Na’sa (2009)
  • Bel Alwan El Tabeeya (2009)
  • Qobolat Masrouqa (2008)
  • Iskendria..New York (2008)


  • Khas Gidan (2012)
  • Tesonamy (2012)
  • El-Gamaa’a (2012)
  • Muhammad Ali(2011)
  • Embratoreyet Meem (2012)
  • vertigo (2012)
  • khotoot hamraa (2012)

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