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Bill Nye

Bill Nye, commonly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy is a mechanical engineer. Who is also popular as a science educator, TV presenter, and actor. He is most famous for hosting the PBS children’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill is also the CEO of The Planetary Society.

Bill Nye was born in Washington, D.C. on November 27, 1955. His mother Jacqueline was a WW II codebreaker. His father Ned Nye was a WW II veteran. Bill got admitted to Sidwell Friends School after completing high school. He graduated from there in 1973. Then Bill started his mechanical engineering study at Cornell University. The famous astronomer Carl Sagan was also teaching at that University then. Carl Sagan had a great influence over Bill.

bill nye lasers
bill nye lasers

Bill Nye had a big break just at the start of his professional career. He got a chance to work at the aviation giant Boeing. At that period, he worked for the development of the famous jumbo jet 747. He was also an aeronautics industry consultant.

Bill’s television career was started with a comedy show called Almost Live. Then his co-host Ross Shafer suggested him to take the nickname “The Science Guy” and do a science demonstration video. After that, he hosted the famous TV show ” Bill Nye the Science Guy” from 1993 to 1998. His humorous demonstration and simple explanation of interesting science facts were amazing. Though this show was aimed at the minor audience, it also succeeds to win the hearts of the adults also.

Bill continued his work as an entertaining educator of science. He kept working in various TV shows and movies. Bill also hosted some award winning TV shows like 100 Greatest Discoveries, Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye, The Eyes of Nye etc. He even appeared in numerous famous TV shows and hosted some famous reality shows also.

Bill worked for developing many interesting inventions like the sundial. This sundial is also known as the MarsDial. Because this device helps the Mars Rover to track time.

Bill Nye married musician Blair Tindall on February 3, 2006. But he divorced after five months. Bill consider himself as agnostic.


Born: November 27, 1955
Birth Place: Washington, D.C., United States
Full name: William Sanford Nye
Books: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation etc


Spouse: Blair Tindall (m. 2006–2006)

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