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Mona Hala

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Born to an Austrian father and an Egyptian mother, Mona Hala is an Egyptian actress, comedian, and YouTube video blogger. Her father died when she was young. Launched her own comedy show on YouTube titled Monatoof in April 2011. She holds a Bachelor of the German language in 2005 in the Faculty of Alsun, an Egyptian school offering License degrees in multiple languages. And began its substantive work program of the night Pena then true brighter and then participated in the many works of art the most famous film Basha pupil and Baby Doll. She got the title of the best young actress in 2008. Mona embarked on her career with the children’s show ‘Yalla Bina‘, the Arabic translation of ‘let’s go’. Her next major step was her role in ‘El basha Telmiz‘, an Egyptian movie. After that, she took more prominent roles in many Egyptian movies and TV shows. Her last remarked performance was in 2010 in ‘Cairo time‘, a Canadian movie that won ‘The best Canadian feature film’ award. Her latest series is the heart of the dead and the film Baby Doll Night.’

Mona Hala

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Name: Mona Hala
Other name:
Born: January 15, 1985
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt
Education: Egyptian school
Profession: Actress
Citizenship: Egypt
Language: Arabic


Family of Mona Hala


Notable Works Of Mona Hala

    • Namour (2015)
    • Bel Alwan ElTabeaya (2009)
    • Cairo Time (2009)
    • The Baby Doll Night (2008)
    • Zaky Chan (2005)
    • Sib wana sib (2004)

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