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Ayaan Hashmi

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Ayaan Hashmi is Son of Bollywood super star Emraan Hashmi. His mother name is Parveen Shahani, long time girlfriend and wife of Emraan Hashmi. Ayaan Hashmi is most favourite of his father Emraan Hashmi. Ayaan Hashmi likes to play with his father Emraan Hashmi. He like his father more than his mother Parveen Hashmi.


Name: Ayaan Hashmi
Other name: Ayan
Born: February 04, 2010
Star Sign:
Birth Place: Mumbai, India
Citizenship: Indian
Language: Hindi


Family: Parveen Shahani (Mom); Emraan Hashmi (Dad); Anwar Hashmi (Grand Father); Pooja Bhatt (Aunt), Alia Bhatt (Aunt), Rahul Bhatt (Uncle), Vikram Bhatt (Uncle), Mohit Suri (Uncle), Onjolee Nair (Uncle).

Ayaan Hashmi

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