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Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh, professionally known as Jus Reign, is a Canadian comedian, YouTube personality, and one of Much Digital Studios’ original creators. Jasmeet Singh was raised in Guelph, Ontario in a Sikh family. He attended the University of Guelph, where he originally studied to become a doctor to appease his parents’ wishes. Eventually, the sketches Singh was creating on the side went viral and his parents accepted that their son had found success.

Singh’s upbringing and his South-Asian roots have provided material for his viral videos. Most of his work contains pop culture parodies, while others provide commentary on race, and his struggles with racism. His comedic videos and pop culture parodies propelled him to internet fame, and since 2009 he has amassed more than 750,000 YouTube subscribers, nearly a billion loops on Vine and one of the largest followings on Snapchat in Canada.

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