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Dylan McDermott is an US actor. McDermott was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, the son of Diane and Richard McDermott. He is best known for his role as lawyer and law firm head Bobby Donnell on the legal drama series The Practice, which earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama and a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

McDermott starred as Chris in the 1989 film Twister about a man who tried to rescue his girlfriend and daughter from a tornado storm. McDermott is also known for his roles in the first two seasons of American Horror Story, entitled American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Asylum, portraying Ben Harmon and Johnny Morgan, respectively. He also starred as Lt. Carter Shaw on the TNT series Dark Blue and starred in two short-lived CBS dramas Hostages and Stalker.

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Woodrow TracyWoodyHarrelson is an American actor, activist and playwright. Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas, the son of Diane Lou (née Oswald) and Charles Voyde Harrelson, who divorced in 1964.   He is a two-time Academy Award nominee and has won one Emmy Award out of seven nominations. His breakout role came in 1985, joining the television sitcom Cheers as bartender Woody Boyd, for which he earned five Emmy Award nominations (one win). Some notable film characters include basketball hustler Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump, one-handed bowler Roy Munson in Kingpin, Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games film series, Tallahassee in Zombieland, serial killer Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers, magazine publisher Larry Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and country singer Dusty in A Prairie Home Companion.

For The People vs. Larry Flynt and The Messenger, Harrelson earned Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively. In 2014, he starred as Detective Martin Hart in the first season of the HBO crime drama True Detective with Matthew McConaughey, which earned him and McConaughey nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

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Diana, Princess of Wales  was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the fourth child and third daughter of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp and the Honourable Frances Roche. In 1975, after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer, she became Lady Diana Spencer. Her wedding to the Prince of Wales on 29 July 1981, held at St Paul’s Cathedral, reached a global television audience of over 750 million people. While married, Diana bore the titles Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester, and Baroness of Renfrew.

As Princess of Wales, Diana undertook royal duties on behalf of the Queen and represented her at functions overseas. She was involved with dozens of charities including London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, of which she was president from 1989. She was celebrated for her charity work and for her support of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. The marriage produced two sons, the princes William and Harry, who were then respectively second and third in the line of succession to the British throne.

Diana remained the object of worldwide media scrutiny during and after her marriage, which ended in divorce on 28 August 1996. Media attention and public mourning were extensive after her death in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997 and subsequent televised funeral.

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Iain Glen was born on June 24, 1961 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Glen is best known for his roles in the Resident Evil films and for portraying Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones. He was graduated from Edinburgh Academy, an independent school for boys (now co-educational), followed by the University of Aberdeen.

He was married to Susannah Harker from 1993 to 2004, they have one son, Finlay (born 1994). His partner is now actress Charlotte Emmerson, and they have two daughters; Mary (born September 2007) and Juliet (born 2012).

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Liam Cunningham (born 2 June 1961) is an Irish stage and screen actor. He plays character “Davos Seaworth” in the HBO epic-fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Liam Cunningham was an electrician in the mid 80’s. He saw an ad for an acting school and he decided to give acting a try. His first film role was as a policeman in “Into the West”.

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George Timothy Clooney, batter known as George Clooney is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. Clooney’s ancestry includes Irish, German, and English. Clooney made his acting debut in the TV series Centennial in 1978. Clooney’s deep voice and gray hair attract more.
Despite a tough year at the box office, Clooney was dubbed “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine in 1997. Clooney was again voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine in 2006 – only the second time an actor had received the title – with his pal Brad Pitt being the other.
Clooney was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 until they divorced in 1993. He has said that he will never marry again. but Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman both bet $10,000 each that he would be a father before he turned 40. They were both wrong, and each sent him a check. He returned the money, betting double or nothing that he won’t have kids by age 50.

George Clooney
George Clooney


Name: George Timothy Clooney
Another name: Gorgeous George, George Clooney
Born: May 6, 1961
Star Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Lexington, Kentucky, U.S
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Education: Northern Kentucky University
Profession: Actor, Director, Producer, screenwriter
Citizenship: USA
Language: English


  • Wife: Talia Balsam (m. 15 December 1989 – 17 September 1993, divorced)
  • Sister: Adelia Clooney
  • Father: Nick Clooney
  • Mother: Nina Bruce
  • Aunt: Rosemary Clooney
  • Uncle: José Ferrer
  • Cousins: Miguel Ferrer, Rafael Ferrer, Gabriel Ferrer, Monsita Ferrer, Maria Providencia Ferrer Murdock, Carlos Campo, Cathi Campo, Cari Leary, and Cristina Stretz


    • The Facts of Life (1979)
    • Bennett Brothers (1987)
    • Baby Talk (1991)
    • Batman & Robin (1997)
    • O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
    • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
    • Leatherheads (2008)
    • Gravity (2013)
    • Money Monster (2015)
    • Hail Caesar (2016)


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Ben Johnson is an Jamaican born Canadian retired sprinter. He is best known for winning Gold in 100 m at the 1988 summer Olympics. He also set the record for the fastest 100 m run with 9.79 seconds. His gold medal and records were rescinded for doping.  

Ben Johnson was born on December 30, 1961 in Falmouth, Jamaica, Johnson immigrated to Canada in 1976, residing in Scarborough, Ontario. At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, he reached the 100 m final; after false starting, he won the bronze medal behind Carl Lewis and Sam Graddy with a time of 10.22. On September 24, 1988, Johnson became the first sprinter from Canada since Percy Williams in 1928 to win the 100m final at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, lowering his own world record to 9.79 seconds. However he tested positive for banned substances and was disqualified and Carl Lewis becoming the new gold medalist.

Ben Johnson briefly acted as trainer for Argentine football player Diego Maradona in 1997. This occurred at York University, Toronto. At present, Johnson lives in Markham, Ontario and spends much of his time with his daughter and granddaughter.

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Nina Li is a Chinese retired actress. She is also known by her Chinese name Li Chi or Li Zhi (Chinese: 利智). She is best known for being the wife of famous martial artist and actor Jet Li. Nina Li was one of the most distinguished Chinese leading ladies in late 80s and early 90s, and was renowned for her ravishing sex appeal which earned her the reputation of being “Marilyn of the East”.

Nina Li was born on December 31, 1961 in Shanghai. She was an active Hong Kong actress between 1986 – 1992. In 1981, she followed her father to Hong Kong. At first, she worked in a furniture store but later on she went abroad to study in the United States, majoring in economics and business. Her breakthrough came when she came back to Hong Kong in 1986 and joined the Miss Asia contest. She was elected the Champion. However, people sneered at her at first, regarding her beauty as “tasteless” and, because she spoke Cantonese with her Shanghai accent, they hissed at her.

She is married to Chinese action superstar Jet Li. They have two daughters together, Jane and Jada.

Filmography of Nina Li

  • A Kid from Tibet (1992) – Sorcerer’s Sister
  • Twin Dragons (1992) – Tammy
  • Miracle 90 Days (1992) – The manager of the Ocean Park
  • A Chinese Ghost Story Part III (1991) – Butterfly
  • Stone Age Warriors (1991) – Lucy
  • The Gambling Ghost (1991) – Lily
  • Inspector Pink Dragon (1991) – Tam Lan Hing
  • Lover’s Tear (1991) – Fang Yi Ling, a deaf woman
  • Legend of the Brothers (1991) – Movie Star
  • Dragon from Russia (1990) – Chime
  • The Spooky Family (1990) – Colleague Sister
  • Perfect Girls (1990) – Feng Mu-Jen
  • To Spy with Love (1990) – Li Chi
  • “Celebrity Talk Show” (1989) (TV Series) – Guest
  • The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon (1989) – Cindy Chan
  • Dragon Fight (1989) – Penny
  • Pedicab Driver (1989) – Ping
  • Four Loves (1989) – Chin Pui Ling
  • What a Small World (1989) – Nina Lee
  • Aces Go Places 5: The Terracotta Hit (1989) – Sister Thief

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Huang Qiuyan is a Chinese actress and member of the Beinjing wushu team. She is known for being the first wife of Jet Li. She was only appeared in two films between 1985 and 1986, both involving the Shaolin Temple.

Huang Qiuyan was born in 1961 in China. She was a member of the Beijing Wushu Team. Jet Li was also a member of that team. Qiuyan met Jet in her martial arts class when she was only 11 years old.

In 1987, Huang Qiuyan married Beijing Wushu Team member and Shaolin co-star Jet Li, with whom she has two daughters, Si and Taimi. Their marriage only lasted three years.

Huang is reportedly residing in Taiwan.

Known as: Wong Chau-Yin, Guang Qiuyan, Huang Qiu Yan

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Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. He is currently serving his second term as President. Barack Obama is the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. Obama is a member of the Democratic Party. He was first elected in 2008 after a close race with Hilary Clinton. He was re-elected for a second time in 2012. Obama previously served as U.S Senator from Illinois.

Barack Obama at White House gun violence meeting
Barack Obama at White House gun violence meeting

President Barack Obama Biography

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack Obama was born to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. His mother was of English ancestry. Barack Obama Sr. was from the Luo tribe in Kenya. Barack Obama’s father was a foreign student on scholarship. His parents divorced in 1964 and her mother remarried. His family moved to Indonesia with his step-father Lolo Soetoro. He met his biological father one last time when he came to visit him in 1971. He came back to live his grandparents in Hawaii. Obama has a younger half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng. As a child Barack Obama was a member of the “choom gang”. He used to smoke Marijuana with his friends. He used to drink alcohol and use cocaine too. He said that he did those things to “push questions of who I was out of my mind“. In 1981 he transferred to Columbia College, Columbia University in New York. Barack Obama entered Harvard Law School in 1988. He graduated with a J.D from Harvard in 1991. After that he moved to Chicago. In 1996 Barack Obama was selected to the Illinois Senate. He officially announced his U.S. Senate campaign on 2003. He was opposed to George W. Bush’s War of Iraq. He became the U.S Senator from Illinois with 70% vote in 2004.

US President Barack Obama in-front of White House
US President Barack Obama in-front of White House

On February 10, 2007 Barack Obama announced his Presidential Campaign. Obama emphasized on issues like quickly ending the Iraq War, increasing energy independence, and reforming the health care system. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in 2008. He became the first African-American to hold the Position. He also became the first president from Hawaii. After becoming the new President he started to withdraw soldiers from Iraq. In 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected as president with 51% of the popular vote.
President Barack Obama speaks on the
President Barack Obama speaks on the

Barack Obama married Michelle Obama in 1992. The couple has two daughters Sasha and Malia. He tried to quit smoking several times but failed. In 2010 Michelle Obama stated he has finally quit smoking. Barack Obama is a devout Christian despite the name Islamic name Hussein. The name Hussein was passed down from his paternal grandfather. Only the name was passed down not the religion.

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Wilfredo Buendia Revillame known as Willie Revillame is a Filipino television host, actor, comedian and a recording artist. He is currently the host of ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show Wowowee. Revillame married Liz Almoro in a civil ceremony at Lipa, Batangas in March 2005 officiated by Mayor Vilma Santos.

Name: Wilfredo Buendia Revillame
Other name: Willie Revillame
Born: 27 January 1961
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birth Place: Manila, Philippines
Profession: Actor
Citizenship: Philippines

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Filmography of Willie Revillame :

  • Nobody Nobody but Juan (2009; cameo appearance)
  • Pera o bayong (Not da TV)! (2000)
  • Matalino man ang matsing na-iisahan din! (2000)
  • Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang probinsyanong wais (1998)
  • Kasangga kahit kailan (1998)
  • Bobby Barbers, Parak (1997)
  • Go Johnny Go (1997)
  • Kung kaya mo, kaya ko rin (1996)
  • Sa kamay ng batas (1995)
  • Ikaw Pa Eh Love Kita! (1995)
  • Omar Abdullah: Pulis Probinsya 2, Tapusin Na Natin Ang Laban (1995)
  • Hector (1994)
  • The Eddie Fernandez Story (1994)
  • Abrakadabra(1994)
  • Ako (1993)
  • Pat.Omar Abdullah: Pulis Probinsiya (1992)
  • Contreras Gang (1991)
  • Sagad Hanggang Buto (1991)
  • Joey Boy Munti, 15 anyos ka sa Muntilupa (1991)
  • Sam & Miguel (Your basura, no problema) (1991)
  • Barbi for President (1991)
  • Joe Pring 2: Kidlat Ng Maynila (1990)