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Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is a famous film director, actor and performing artist. He made many numerous movies which achieved many awards and huge popularity. His films like Rosemary’s Baby (1969), The Pianist (2002), The ghost writer (2010), Carnage (2011), Knife in the Water (1962) etc are famous for his creativity and merit.

Polanski born in Paris, France on 18 August 1933 in a Jewish family. His family moved to Poland with him in 1941. During the World War II, the Nazis imprisoned his family and his mother died there. As a matter of fact, he had to hide many times with many Jewish families to be safe. At last, he met his father alive in 1944.

Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski

Polanski’s merit of acting developed in different movies and radio dramas. Then, he admitted into the Polish National Film Academy in 1954. Roman acted in some films such as Lotna (1959), Samson (1961) etc. He directed his first film Knife in the Water in 1962. He also became popular internationally overnight. After that, Polanski moved to London and directed his next film Repulsion (1965) which also brought huge fame.

Roman Polanski moved to Hollywood in 1968 to make his new film Rosemary’s Baby. Here the most tragic incident of his life took place. The members of Charles Manson cult killed his pregnant wife Sharon Tate brutally in 1969. He experienced such violence that it provoked many of his next films. In 1977 court indicted Polanski for the case of sexual abuse. Jack Nicholson and his girlfriend testified against him that Polanski abused a 13 years old child at their home. The judges found him guilty and ordered to send him for a psychiatric treatment.

Roman Polanski directed his film Tess (1979) in Paris which owned not only fame but also criticism. He involved in stage performs throughout the 80’s and directed Amadeus (1981) and Metamorphosis (1988) which owned numerous fame. He directed his film Death and the maiden in 1994 which made him an immortal artist forever.

Roman Polanski’s film The Pianist (2002) earned massive popularity. He also won the Oscar for best director. After that, he directed several films like Oliver Twist and Ghost. Film-lovers of the world regard him as one of the best film directors of all time.


Born: August 18, 1933 (age 83), 12th arrondissement, Paris, France
Height: 5′ 5″
Books: Roman by Polanski, Polanski: Three Film Scripts, More


Spouse: Emmanuelle Seigner (m. 1989), Sharon Tate (m. 1968–1969), Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass (m. 1959–1962)
Children: Morgane Polanski, Elvis Polanski


    • Trzy opowiesci (1953)
    • Zaczarowany rower (1955)
    • Wraki (1957)
    • Co rekne zena? (1958)
    • Lotna (1959)
    • Samson (1961)
    • Back in the U.S.S.R. (1992)
    • Zemsta (2002)
    • Caos calmo (2008)

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