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Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth was a stunning American film and stage actress. She was famous for her astonishing beauty. She made remarkable and wonderful characters in Hollywood films in the 40’s and 50’s. The press and her admirers used to call her ‘The Great Love Goddess of America’.

Rita Hayworth born on 17 October 1918 in New York. Her Childhood name was Margarita Carmen Cansino. His father Eduardo Cansino was a dancer who had Spanish ancestry. Her mother’s name was Volga Cansino. Rita became a professional dancer when she was 12.


She took part in many stages performs with his father in USA and Mexico. She was only 16 when a Fox Film Company decided to cast her. Her first film was Under the Pampas Moon (1935). Rita’s true stardom came out when her admirers saw her in Only Angels Have Wings in 1939. Her glamorous and sensual looks helped her to become an international star overnight. Also, the Life magazine once called this actress ‘The Great American Love Goddess’. After that, in 1942 Rita appeared in another big film like My Gal Sal, Tales of Manhattan and You Were Never Lovelier. Moreover, her stardom grew more when the film Gilda came out in 1946. She became more famous for her controversial appearance with sexual appeal.

In the late 40’s and 50’s she also appeared in many other big films like The Lady from Shanghai (1947), Miss Sadie Thompson (1953), Pal Joey (1957), Seperate Tables (1958), Circus World (1964) etc.

Though, Hayworth’s love life was not very successful. Her first husband Judson was a film director and producer. After that, in 1943 they separated from each other. Then she married Welles, she had a daughter named Rebecca there. In 1949 she married Prince Aly Khan, son of the leader of Ismaili Muslim sect. Their daughter was Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Dick Haymes and James Hill were her next husbands.

Rita Hayworth died of Alzheimer’s disease on 14 May 1987. She was one of the greatest actresses of Hollywood of all time. Press and film critics even today praise her as the Love Goddess of Hollywood.

Profile of Rita Hayworth

Born: October 17, 1918,
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City, NY, U.S.
Died: May 14, 1987, Manhattan, New York City, NY, U.S.
Height: 5′ 6″

Family of Rita Hayworth

Spouse: James Hill (m. 1958–1961), More
Children: Yasmin Aga Khan, Rebecca Welles

Filmography of Rita Hayworth

  • Cruz diablo (1934)
  • Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)
  • Professional Soldier (1936)
  • Girls Can Play (1937)
  • Affair in Trinidad (1952)
  • Route de Salina, La (1970)
  • Going Hollywood: The War Years (1988)

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