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Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens is one of the most renowned science educators of the youtube platform. He mostly hosts the famous youtube channel Vsauce which has around 11,091,156 subscribers. He is popular for his comforting teaching techniques with the use of humor and friendly presentations. Most of the videos that he posted are about the paradoxical and ever interesting facts of day to day life and their scientific explanations.

Michael Stevens was born on January 23, 1986, Kansas City, Missouri. He had a chemical engineer father and a teaching assistant mother. So, as a matter of fact, he had a science rich environment during his childhood. He was a student of Blue Valley High School. He developed his hunger for knowledge and a comedic personality. Later he completed his study in psychology at the University of Chicago.

Michael Stevens Vsauce

Michael Stevens Vsauce

His uploaded his firs youtube video back in 2007. It was a comedy video. Then Michael Stevens worked sometimes with another comedy group “Barely Political”. In 2010, he first started his most successful video channel “Vsauce“. It was just about some video game listing at first. But when he started his educational videos, his subscriptions went off the chart. Some of his popular videos are, what if Everyone Jumped At Once, Is Your Red the Same as My Red, Why Do We Kiss, How High Can We Build etc. His signature dialogue is “Hello Vsauce, Michael Here”.

After that, he started to work for Google in 2012 as a content strategist in London. There he tries to develop the YouTube platform for educational effectiveness. He also works with other fellow YouTubers to optimize the contents.

Michael Now lives in Los Angeles along with Jake Roper. Jake Roper is the host of Vsauce 3. Michael produced many videos collaborating with other YouTubers also.

Additionally, he got the Webby Awards and Streamy Awards for his contribution in the field of science and education.


Name: Michael Stevens

Date of Birth: January 23, 1986

Nationality: American

Profession: Youtuber, Educator

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