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PewDiePie is actually the online alias of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He runs the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Most of his videos are famous for his comedic appeal and funny commentaries. From 2013 he has been constantly dominating for the most subscribed YouTuber position. Felix has almost 50 million subscribers for his YouTube channel PewDiePie. His total views are over 13.6 billion. He also runs some other youtube channels.

PewDiePie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 24, 1989. His father is Ulf Christian Kjellberg and mother Lotta Kristine Johanna. His mother was a former KappAhl CIO. In his early life, he would spend his time drawing and playing video games. His school results were good. He got admitted to the Chalmers University of Technology to study industrial economics and technology management. But later he dropped out. Because he was more interested in making a career as a YouTuber.

PewDiePie channel mostly features videos of gameplays, walkthroughs with funny commentaries. His famous starting with “Let’s Play” makes a friendly environment around the viewer. He also uploads some other interesting series like SCARE PEW DIE PIE, Weird Stuff Online, Fridays w/ Pew Die Pie etc.

The channel PewDiePie was first registered as PewDie. As Felix says, Pew is the sound of laser and Die is death. But unfortunately, he forgot his password. Then he registered the present channel PewDiePie. At first, he used to work at a hot dog stand for funding. His target audience was gamers. Because at that period 2010, there were not any big gameplay uploader on YouTube.

Just after 2 years, PewDiePie reached about 1 million subscribers. The channel ranked 1st on YouTube in 2012. Then after some ups and downs from 2013 he continuously ranking on the top list. Presently this channel has more than 50 million subscribers all over the world.

The gameplay and walkthrough uploads on this channel have influenced many gamers around the world. Even the videos also have a major impact on video games market.

Felix now lives with his Italian girlfriend Marzia Bisognin. She is also a YouTube personality. Now they live in Brighton, England,
United Kingdom



Born: October 24, 1989 (age 27), Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 5′ 11″
Partner: Marzia Bisognin (2011–)
Residence: Brighton, United Kingdom


Parents: Johanna Kjellberg, Ulf Kjellberg

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