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Sun Yat Sen

Sun Yat Sen was a Chinese politician, revolutionary and physician. Again he is the founding father of the Republic of China. Sun Yat Sen played very important role to finish the feudal monarchy and form a modern republic in China. In fact, he was a unique figure in post-imperial China.

Sun born on 12 November in 1866. His father was a farmer. His merchant brother bore the cost of his childhood education. Sun Yat Sen got his education in Honolulu and studied medicine in Hong Kong. After that, he continued his studying medicine until 1892.

From the time of graduation, Sun became involved in politics. He believed that China will remain backward if the dying Manchu dynasty ruled it. He maintained connections with other revolutionaries. Then he traveled Europe and America to raise awareness among the Chinese people.

Sun Yat Sen
Sun Yat Sen

In 1895 he tried to start a revolt against the Manchu dynasty but failed. He fled to London and Kidnapped by the officials of the Chinese embassy. The protests of British government saved his life. His three principles nationalism, democracy, and socialism helped to form the ‘League of Common Alliance’ and Kuomintang in 1898 and later.

In 1911 Chinese revolution against Manchu dynasty started. It overthrew the dynasty. Sun soon returned to China from America during the revolution. Assembly of Nanking elected him as the ‘President of the United Provinces of China’. But after the revolution, China did not become a good republic. The destructive reign of the warlords remained in many provinces. Moreover, Sun was an influential leader in the areas of Canton.

In 1921 the communist party of China was formed. Sun decided to co-operate with the communists. This incident helped him to get strategic help from the USSR. By this co-operation, he reformed his party and extended it to many provinces. USSR also helped to reform the Kuomintang Army as a well-organised force. After that, Sun sent Chiang kai Shek to Moscow for higher military and political education. But the co-operation between Kuomintang and communists ended soon.

Sun Yat Sen died of cancer in 1925. Chinese people still consider him as one of their important leaders.


Birthday: November 12, 1866

Birthplace: China

Star Sign: Scorpio

Profession: Political Leader, Physician

Died: 1925, March 12

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