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Sin Cara (Mistico)

Sin Cara (Mistico) is an Mexican luchador. He performs in Lucha Libre in Mexico. He is one of two wrestlers to portray the Sin Cara gimmick the other being Sincara (Hunico). He is one of the best luchador wrestlers in the world.

Sin Cara (Mistico) was born in Mexico on December 22, 1982. He is the son of Manuel Almanza, who wrestled under the ring name “Dr. Karonte”, the brother of wrestlers Astro Boy, Argos, Argenis and Mini Murder Clown. After wrestling in Mexico and all over the world he signed with WWE in 2011. He was built as an international high flying star. He teamed with Reyt Mysterio another masked high flyer. He wrestled the other Sincara (Hunico) one different occasions. He was released by WWE in 2014.

He is currently using the name Myzteziz. His real name is Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde.

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