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Sin Cara (Hunico)

Sin Cara

Sin Cara (Hunico) is an american professional wrestler. He is the second person portray the character Sincara in WWE. He was previously known as Hunico. He had a feud with the other Sincara (Mistco).

Sin Cara (Hunico) was born on August 5, 1977 in El Paso, Texas. His real name is Jorge Arias. He was born to Mexican immigrant parents in El Paso, Texas. He wrestled in high school. He made a name for himself as a luchador in Mexico. He made his first major appearance in TNA in 2006. He made his WWE debut in 2011. He debuted as Sin Cara but was the duplicate one. They had a feud with the Mask on the line. He lost and transformed into Hunico a mexican-american thug persona.

He returned to the Sin Cara persona after the Sin Cara (Mistico) was released from WWE. He is a tag team member of Lucha Dragons. He has a young son. He has a degree in Funeral directing.

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