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Jon Cryer

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Jon Cryer is an american actor. He is best known for playing the role of Alan Harper in the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men. He has also appeared in movies such as Hiding Out (1987), Hot Shots (1991), Tortured (2008), Shorts (2009), and Hit by Lightning.

Jon Cryer was born on April 16, 1965 in New York City. His father, Donald David Cryer, is an actor. His mother, Gretchen , is a playwright, songwriter, actress. He decided to become an actor at an early age. His breakout role came in Pretty In Pink where he played Duckie. His television roles were not that successful until starring with Charlie Shenn in Two and a Half Men.

He was married to British actress Sarah Trigger from 1999 to 2004. He has a son with her named Charlie. He then married Lisa Joyner in 2007. They have since divorced.


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