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Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is an American mix martial artist and professional wrestler. Brock Edward Lesnar is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is a four times World Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar was a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar also won the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship in his early days. No other person has achieved this feat. Other than this he just recently defeated The Undertaker’s Wrestle-mania Streak. He is nicknamed “The Beast Incarnate“.

Early Life

Brock Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977. Brock Lesnar was born in Webster, South Dakota. He is the son of Stephanie and Richard Lesnar. He was raised on a dairy farm. During his school and college years, he was an amazing wrestler. He had been regarded as one of the brightest armature wrestlers ever.

Brock Lesnar


In 2000 Brock Lesnar won the NCAA Division I heavyweight wrestling championship. He is also a two-time All American. He had a record of 106–5 overall in four years of college. After college, he joined WWE with his college roommate Shelton Benjamin.

He got his big debut in 2002. He was accompanied by Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar made an immediate impact upon his arrival. He laid waste to the Hardy Boys with ease. He later won the 2002 King of the Ring tournament. This win earned him a shot at the WWE Championship. He destroyed Hulk Hogan in their match after that.

Brock Lesnar went on to defeat The Rock for the Undisputed WWE Championship. He broke The Rock’s record and became the youngest WWE Champion in history. After the win he was involved in a career-defining feud with The Undertaker. They clashed in a hell in a cell match. Brock defeated The Deadman to retain his title.

His next clash was with the giant Big Show. He lost the title to him. Big show and Brock on an episode on Smackdown broke the ring. He would go on to a long feud with Kurt Angle. He won the royal rumble and challenged Kurt at WrestleMania. He won the main event by pinning Kurt Angle. He continued his rivalry with Kurt Angle. He lost the title and won again from Angle. His last title loss was to Eddie Guerrero. Brock lost due to Goldberg’s interference. This pitted them both at the WrestleMania showdown. At the time both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg was set to leave the company. Brock lost and received a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin. He later tried at an NFL career. He returned to wrestling with a move to Japan. He returned and became a Mixed Martial Artist.

Brock Lesnar

In 2008, he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship by defeating Randy Couture. He lost the title to Frank Mir. He returned to WWE in 2012. Since then he had appeared in small feuds with Triple H, John Cena and CM Punk.

In 2004 he faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Brock ended the Undefeated Streak of Taker. This made him “the one in the twenty-one and one”. He quickly received a title shot at Summerslam. John Cena lost his title to Brock Lesnar in a one-sided clash. Brock Lesnar delivered 16 German Suplexes to Cena. He is currently the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Brock Lesnar is good friends with Shelton Benjamin. Brock Lesnar got Shelton to be signed to WWE. HE married former WWE Diva Rena “Sable” Mero in 2006.

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