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Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is an American businessman and wrestling magnate. He is the principal owner of WWE previously known as WWF and WWWF. He is a former WWE Champion and also partakes in many wrestling storylines. Most notably being the evil owner of WWE. He is regarded as one of the best bookers and promoters in the history.

Vince McMahon

Early Life

Vince McMahon was born on August 24, 1945, in North Carolina, USA. He was born as Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He is named after his father. He is the son of boxing and wrestling promoter, Vince J McMahon. His father left his family when he was little. He has an older brother named Rod McMahon. He attended Fishburne Military School. In 1968, McMahon graduated from East Carolina University. He was involved with his father in Capitol Wrestling Corporation. He and his wife Linda McMahon bought the company from his father in 1982. Since then he has used many different tactics of marketing to make WWE the biggest promotion in the USA. He subsequently bought WCW and ECW in the early 21st century thus making WWE the only major wrestling promotion in America.

He is good friends with Donald J. Trump.

Vince McMahon

McMahon is married to Linda McMahon. They have two children. Both the children are involved in the family business. His son Shane McMahon has had many wrestling and non-wrestling roles in WWE. His daughter Stephanie McMahon is the current heel authority figure in WWE and the wife of Triple H. He is listed as a billionaire.


  • Birth Name: Vincent Kennedy McMahon
  • Other Names: Genetic Jackhammer, Vinny Mac, Mr. McMahon, The Boss, Higher Power, Junior, No Chance, VKM, The Mac Attack, The Mac Daddy, Daddy Mac
  • Birth Date: August 24, 1945
  • Birth Place: Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA
  • Height: 6′ 2″ (1.88 m)
  • Net worth: 3 billion USD (2018) Forbes


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