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Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy is a young actress and pop singer. She’s best known for roles like that of Ole in the 2008 film “MBA: Married by Accident (2008).” She is also a well-known fitness model and martial artist.

More than a decade working in the entertainment world, Nikita Willy has successfully incised a number of achievements in the field of music and acting. The actress with Minangkabau ancestry has received further celebrity when she starred as the Dime Novel role in a soap opera with Evan Sanders.

Early Life

Nikita was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 29, 1994 to Henry Willy (father), Yora Febrine (Mother). Nikita is the first child of 2. His sister’s name is Winona Willy. She was gifted a Cadillac worth $374,000 for her seventeenth birthday. She was interested in acting as a child and appeared in several soap operas. Nikita Willy studied mixed martial arts and fitness in United States. She dropped out of high school in 2011 in order to focus on her career.


Nikita Willy started her career in the entertainment world in Indonesia since the age of 7 years by starring in a soap operas titled “Bulan dan Bintang“. Followed the soap opera like dime novel, QUEEN OF SHAME AND GENERAL deer, SI Cecelia, HABIBI AND Habibah, BOYFRIENDS CHOICE, My Little Bride , and a television movie, LOVE matchmaker. She became known publicly, when plays a role in the soap opera Picisan romance with Evan Sanders.

Besides, she also began to explore the world to sing. She starred in a number of commercials, soap operas and movies Designation for the name of Nikita fans are NikiLovers.

Nikita rumored relationship with Bara Tampubolon (son of a lawyer Juan Felix Tampubolon). But at the end of 2011 after word got out and the image of its proximity to the U23 national team soccer player, Diego Michiels. In May 2012, Nikita admits that he and Diego was dating.


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