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Habib Wahid

Habib Wahid is is one of a popular Bangladeshi singer & composer. People Often called him A.R Rahman of BD. He attended South Breeze School in Dhanmondi. Later took Audio Engineering graduate from London’s School of Audio Engineering. Ferdous Wahid one of a most popular singer during the 1970s and 1980s, his father.

“Remixing was never really my cup of tea,”

he says. “While in London, I worked with a DJ and worked on a remix for Virgin Records with Nitin Soni under the name Nasha Experience.”

“Krishno” was his first album where he added a new dimension in the Bengali song history with adding contemporary techno and urban beats. The album was released in 2003.

Habib Wahid
Habib Wahid


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Profile of Habib Wahid

  • Name: Habibul Wahid
  • Father: Ferdous Wahid, হাবিব ওয়াহিদ
  • Born: October 15, 1979
  • Birth Place: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Height:
  • Education: Audio Engineer (London)
  • Profession: Composer, Record producer, Singer, Musician
  • Country: Bangladesh

Family of Habib Wahid:

  • Father: Ferdous Wahid 
  • Spouse: RJ Lubaina (2003) Rehan Chowdhury (2011)
  • Son: Aleem Wahid (24 December 2012)

Notable Works Of Habib Wahid


  • Krishno (2003)
  • Maya (2004)
  • Moina Go… (2005)
  • Shono! (2006)
  • Panjabiwala (2007)
  • Bolchi Tomake… (2008)
  • Aboseshe (2008)
  • Ahoban! (2011)
  • Somorpon(2011)
  • Rong (2012)
  • Tumi Shondharo Meghmala (2012)
  • Shadin (2012)


  • Hridoyer Kotha
  • Akash Chowa Bhalobasha
  • Chandragrohon
  • I Love You
  • Eito Prem
  • Third Person Singular Number
  • Amar Ache jol

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