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Inna (Singer)

Inna Singer

Inna is a Romanian singer and dancer. She became the first European female to get 1 billion views on YouTube. She has sold over 3 million albums worldwide. She is the richest musician in Romania. She also has number 1 hits in worldwide. Her most popular songs are Hot, 10 Minutes, Cola Song, Good Time, Take Me Higher and More Than Friends.

Inna was born as Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu. She was born on October 16 1986. She was born in a resort in Neptun, Romania. She grew up in Mangalia. She used to listen to Beyonce and Celine Dion. She studied Political Science at Ovidius University.

Music producer Marcel Botezan heard Inna sing at a marketplace. He offered her a contract with Roton. In 2007 she signed with Play & Win. She took the stage name Inna because her grandfather called her that. In 2008 she released her debut single Hot. The song became an international success. It reached on the top charts worldwide. Her debut album Hot made her an instant celebrity. She started touring all over the world during 2009. After her initial success she released I Am the Club Rocker in 2011. After that, she ventured in the US Market. She released The Party Never Ends in 2012. She released Good Time. It became one of her most successful singles ever.

Inna featuring Pitbull

Inna is a beautiful woman of all rights. She is a stunning brunette. She is a talented dancer. She has lots of energy in her performances. Her music videos get lots of views on YouTube. Before becoming famous Inna used to work as a sales assistant in Neptune. Inna has won MTV Europe Music Awards on two occasions. She has also won numerous other awards. She is currently Romania’s most popular pop singer. She is also the richest musician in Romania. She became the first European female to get a billion hits on youtube.

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