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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican Sprinter. He is the fasted man alive. Usain Bolt has set all the records for 100m and 200m events. He holds 3 World Records. He is also a six-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Usain Bolt also has won 8 World Championships. He has been knighted by the Order of Jamaica in 2009. He is without any doubt the fastest man in history.

Usain Bolt was born on 21 August 1986 in Sherwood Content. He was born to Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt. He has two siblings a brother Sadiki and sister Sherine. Usain Bolt played cricket and football as a child. He was not interested in other sports. Usain Bolt joined William Knibb Memorial High School. There he was focused on Cricket. His cricket coach saw his speed on the pitch. He recommended him to try track and fields. Bolt began to show tremendous potential. He won almost every school sprint competitions. He is one of the elite to have won youth, the junior, and senior world championship. Although being a junior he was chosen for Jamaica in 2004 Olympics. He couldn’t participate due to injury. He decided to focus only on short distances. He dropped 400 meters from his mind. In 2007 World Championship he came second in 200m. He broke Asafa Powell’s 100m record in 2008. He broke 9.74 seconds and set it at 9.72 Seconds. He entered the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as the record holder. He participated in 100m, 200m and Men 100m relay. He made groundbreaking history in the events. He won gold in all the events. Even more, he won them easily and by setting world records in all of the three events. He continued to dominate the sprinting world in the next four years. He again won all the gold in 2012 London Olympics. He holds the top 3 fastest recorded times in history for 100m. He has stated that he will retire after 2016 Olympics.

Usain Bolt is a fun loving person. He loves to enjoy himself. Usain Bolt has been criticized for not taking his trade seriously. He himself stated he is lazy. But the lazy Usain Bolt is the fastest man in history. He is an avid cricket fan. He once bowled out fellow Jamaican Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle is one of the best cricket players in the world. He is also a fan of Football. He is good friends with Cristiano Ronaldo. He said if Ronaldo was a sprinter he could have given him the run for his money. He has been awarded the title OJ and CD.

World Records by Usain Bolt

100m – 9.56 Seconds
200m – 19.19 Seconds
100m * 4 Relay – 36.84 Seconds

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