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Sophia Santi

Sophia Santi is a Canadian pornographic actress. She is formerly known as Natalia Cruze. She also directs adult films. She is best known for being a Digital Playground contract girl.

Sophia Santi was born on December 6, 1981, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her real name is Angela Stettner. She is of Romanian Gypsy, Mongolian, Black, Irish, German and Cherokee descent. She grew up in Vancouver. She moved to Arizona when 18 and to Los Angeles when she turned 20. During high school, she worked as a gourmet pizza chef and, afterwards, attended a trade school to become an esthetician. She started working as an adult model under the name Natalia Cruze, becoming the Penthouse Pet of the month for November 2002. She became a Digital Playground contract girl.

Sophi Santi At age 18 got a very large tattoo of a Japanese dragon, which covers most of her back and left side. She states she is bisexual.

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