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Shabnur (শাবনুর), stage name of a famous Bengali actress of the Bangladeshi film industry. Her original name is “Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur“. When the movie industry struggles because of the impact of vulgar movies, mainstream films featuring Shabnur have always found a sizeable audience. She is also one of the few film actresses who is supporting quality movies, which are keeping hope for the better future of the industry. Shabnur has come to cinematograph with co-actor Sabbir by “Chaandni Rate” cinema directed by Ehtesham in 1993. This movie has flopped. After a year of hiatus, she returned to acting with the film Evabe Bhalobasa Hoy directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar. Her first commercially successful movie was Tomakey Chai with co-actor Salman Shah in 1994. After his death, she started working with Riaz and Shakib Khan, Shakil Khan, Omar Sunny, Amin Khan, Amin Khan, Amit Hasan etc.
Shabnur won the National Film Awards of Best Actress in 2006 and won record 10 time Meril Prothom Alo Awards.



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