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Seth MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American TV series- and filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live action and other genres.

Seth MacFarlane was born in the small New England town of Kent, Connecticut, where he lived with his mother, Ann Perry (née Sager; 1947–2010), an admissions office worker, his father, Ronald Milton MacFarlane, a prep school teacher, and his sister Rachael MacFarlane (born 1976), now a voice actress and singer. He is of English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, and descends from Mayflower passengers.

MacFarlane is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied animation. MacFarlane received his high school diploma in 1991 from the Kent School.

During his childhood, MacFarlane developed an interest in illustration and began drawing cartoon characters Fred Flintstone and Woody Woodpecker, as early as two years old. By the age of five, MacFarlane knew that he would want to pursue a career in animation, and began by creating flip books, after his parents found a book on the subject for him. Four years later, aged nine, MacFarlane began publishing a weekly comic strip titled “Walter Crouton” for The Kent Good Times Dispatch, the local newspaper in Kent, Connecticut, which paid him five dollars per week.

MacFarlane’s first feature-length comedy film, Ted (2012), features his voice acting and performance capture as the titular anthropomorphic teddy bear and became the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy. He was hired by Hanna-Barbera Productions (Now called Cartoon Network Studios) working as an animator and writer on the TV series Johnny Bravo (1997) and Cow and Chicken (1995). He also worked for Walt Disney Animation as a writer on the TV series Jungle Cubs (1996). He created The Life of Larry (1995) which was originally supposed to be used as an in-between on MADtv (1995). Unfortunately, the deal fell through but, a few months later, executives at FOX called him into their offices and gave him $50,000 to create a pilot for what would eventually become Family Guy (1999).

In a 2004 interview with The Daily Princetonian, MacFarlane noted his similarities to Brian Griffin from Family Guy, revealing, “I have some Brian type issues from time to time – looking for the right person – but I date as much as the next guy“. In 2012, he dated Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke for about six months. MacFarlane is a fan of Game of Thrones, and the two remained friends after they broke up.

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