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Russell Peters

Russell Dominic Peters

Russell Peters is a Canadian stand-up comedian. Russell Peters plays comedy roles in movies. He is currently one of the top-rated comedians. Russell can make an audience laugh without uttering any words.

Russell Peters was born in Toronto, Ontario. He was born on September 29, 1970. He is of Indian descent. Russell’s parents are Eric and Maureen Peters. He sometimes features his father in some of his funny jokes. Some of Russell’s best jokes involve Eric Peters. He was a hip-hop junkie in his youth. He is a pretty good break dancer too. Russell peter started stand-up comedy in 1989. Since then he has performed in every corner of the world. Russell Peter had a sold-out performance at Air Canada Centre. He was the first comedian to do so. He had sold out performances in Madison Square Garden and O2 Arena. For a comedian, Russell is surely one for the record books. He is also one of the highest paid comedians in the world. He was ranked third by Forbes only behind Jerry Seinfield and Terry Fator. Breakaway, New Year’s Eve and Source Code are his best feature film works.

Style of Comedy

Russell Peter practices observational comedy. Observational comedy means funny things about daily life. His popular performances are all about funny racial stereotypes. His really funny Chinese accent is off the chart. Other accents are also in his bag of tricks. “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad” is one of his top catchphrases. It’s best on his father trying to scare him. “Be a Man, do the right thing” is another of his epic catchphrases, copying a Chinese accent. All of his other accents are also very funny. His Indian accent is really funny and he does not hold back with this one. He will always interact with the crowd during his performances. He never backs down from making fun of them.

Here is something for the Indian people…..

Russell Peters dated Sunny Leone. They dated for a short period of time in 2008. He married his girlfriend Monica Diaz in 2010. Russell Peters currently resides in Los Angeles. He also owns a house in Las Vegas and Ontario.

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