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Nysa Devgan

Nysa Devgan, daughter of Ajay Devgan (an Indian film actor, director, and producer) and Kajol Devgan (a popular & one of the most successful heroines of Bollywood). They got married on 24th of february, 1999, and has got two children, one daughter named Nysa and one son named Yug.

Naya was born on 20th April, 2003. The word “Nysa” means “Goddess of purity“. Ajay had already decided that if the baby is a girl then she will have to be Nysa.

Kajol is more concentrating on growing up of Nysa than doing films, beacuse she lost her first baby as it was an ectoscopic pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage. Kajal said “As far as the food goes, Nysa loves bhindi. If there is bhindi she would eat her food in peace. So there we were ordering, “fried okhra with just salt and turmeric, please”
Indian actress “Tanuja Mukherjee” is her grandmother.

Profile of Nysa Devgan

Name: Nysa Devgan
Other name: Nysa Devgan
Born: 20 April 2003
Star Sign:
Birth Place: India
Citizenship: Indian
Language: Hindi, English

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