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Nina Li

Nina Li Chi

Nina Li Chi

Nina Li is a Chinese retired actress. She is also known by her Chinese name Li Chi or Li Zhi (Chinese: 利智). She is best known for being the wife of famous martial artist and actor Jet Li. Nina Li was one of the most distinguished Chinese leading ladies in late 80s and early 90s, and was renowned for her ravishing sex appeal which earned her the reputation of being “Marilyn of the East”.

Nina Li was born on December 31, 1961 in Shanghai. She was an active Hong Kong actress between 1986 – 1992. In 1981, she followed her father to Hong Kong. At first, she worked in a furniture store but later on she went abroad to study in the United States, majoring in economics and business. Her breakthrough came when she came back to Hong Kong in 1986 and joined the Miss Asia contest. She was elected the Champion. However, people sneered at her at first, regarding her beauty as “tasteless” and, because she spoke Cantonese with her Shanghai accent, they hissed at her.

She is married to Chinese action superstar Jet Li. They have two daughters together, Jane and Jada.

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