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Nargis (Indian Actress)

Fatima Rashid

Nargis was an Indian film actress of the golden era of the Indian films. She was one of the greatest actresses that Hindi film world ever experienced. She appeared in a huge number of films which became box office hits and became classics forever. As a matter of fact, she became a living icon during her lifetime.

Nargis born on 1 June in 1929 in present Kolkata, India. Her childhood name was Fatima Rashid. Her father Abdul Rashid Alias was a very rich businessman of Punjab and mother Jaddanbai was a classical music performer. As her mother was familiar with the Hindi film industry, she influenced Nargis to come to the world of Hindi films.


Nargis first appeared in a 1925 film ‘Talashe Haq’ as a child artist. In fact, she was only six then. Her stage name became Nargis for her charm and beauty. This name remains her identity as an actress.

She, as a lead role appeared in the film ‘Taqdeer’ in 1943. She acted in many outstanding films like ‘Baarsat’ in 1949, ‘Andaz’ in 1949, ‘Awara’ in 1951, ‘Deedar’ in 1951, ‘Shree 420’ in and ‘Chori Chori’ in 1956. But her most outstanding appearance was in the 1957 film ‘Mother India’. Her acting along with the storyline of this film was so amazing that many critics said that no other actresses of Hindi film industry could have performed better than her. In the beginning of 60’s, she started to stay detached from the film industry and became busy with her family.

During her career in Hindi films, she had a long-lasting love relationship with actor Raj Kapoor. But this love affair couldn’t become successful. Nargis married actor Sunil Dutt in 1958. The son of this couple, Sanjay Dutt is also a famous actor in the Hindi film. She achieved the National Award for Best Actress, Filmfare Best Actress Award and got the nomination for Academy award.

Nargis died of Cancer on 3 May in 1981. Even today her film works still inspire huge fans in India.



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