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Bob Muyskens, better known by his online alias Muyskerm is a popular gamer on YouTube and Twitch who became well known for his voice modulated character Professor Chaos.

Bob Muyskens was born on October 18, 1989, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He later moved to North Carolina from Ohio. His parent’s name and family background are undisclosed.

He created his channel on April 6, 2010, but didn’t upload his first video until May 16, 2014. He started his channel by posting videos about the game Trove.

Apart from YouTube work, Bob formerly worked as a truancy officer at a school in Cincinnati, Ohio and at a sushi bar as a bartender alongside Mark before opting to study law at law school, as part of becoming a future lawyer.

On June 28, 2014, Bob married his long-time girlfriend and fiancée, Mandy.

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