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Mita Noor

Sabina Yasmin Mita Noor

Sabina Yasmin Mita Noor

Mita Noor was a Bangladeshi model & TV actress. Mita Noor is a very well known face in the TV media from the 90s and one of the few actresses in Bangladesh without any scandal for a long time of her career.

As a child, Noor attended Bulbul Lalitakala Academy to learn Bharatnatyam. Noor made her TV debut with weekly “Sagor Sencha Sadh” in 1989, telecast on Bangladesh Television. She has acted in a large number of TV plays and serials. She became famous in 1992 by acting in an advertisement of Olympic Battery by the direction of Afzal Hossain. The jingle of that ad was “alo alo beshi alo”. She Started directing TV Dramas in 2011 with “Chougali”.

While Mita has her hands full with serials she also practices her first love, Bharatnatyam. She regularly anchors shows abroad and on request performs classical dance numbers there.

Noor was married to businessman Shahanur Rahman Majumder for 24 years. Together they had two sons – Shehzad Noor Taus and Sadman Noor Tahmud.

On 1st July 2013, her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan with a scarf at the drawing room. It is being thought that she might have committed suicide as her husband got an extramarital affair.


Name: Sabina Yasmin Mita Noor
Other name: Mita Nur, Mita Noor, মিতা নূর
Born: January 1, 1971
Birth Place: Daudkandi, Comilla.
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Died: 1st July, 2013
Profession: Model
Citizenship: Bangladesh
Language: Bengali


Family of Mita Noor

  • Spouse: Sahanur Rahman Rana (1988)
  • Father: Fazlur Rahman
  • Mother: Mariam Sarkar


Video: “Alo Alo Beshi Alo” TVC of Mita Noor

Old Bangla TV Commercial – Olympic Battery Alo Alo Beshi Alo


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