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Hugh Hefner & Mildred

Mildred “Millie” Williams, (also known as Millie Williams) was the first wife of Hugh Hefner. Williams & Hefner married at a young age, but it only lasted 10 years after a startling confession by Williams about her infidelity tore them apart. As Hefner went on to start Playboy magazine and became a man about town, Williams had a fresh start with their two children. While Hefner courted publicity and the media, Williams strove to live a quiet life.

Mildred Williams was born on March 10, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She went to Northwestern University where Hefner also went, studying sociology for a semester before dropping out. While Hefner was conservative and shy, Williams was much bolder. She met Hugh right after school, later they dated for a while. When Hugh went to serve American army, Mildred waited for him.

Hugh Hefner with his first wife Mildred Williams on their wedding day in 1949

In 1949 Mildred Williams married to Hugh Hefner, the businessman and a publisher of Playboy magazine. Their marriage slowly fell apart, On March 18, 1959, Mildred Williams and Hugh Hefner got divorced.

Her second husband was Edwin Gunn.

Mildred Williams is the mother of Christie Hefner and David Hefner. Christie wаѕ born οn November 8, 1952 аnd David wаѕ born οn August 30, 1955. Edwin Gunn, adopted them, but the children changed their names back to Hefner after Mildred and Gunn separated.

Millie was one of the least known of his parade of high-profile women over the years, but, as the mother of his two children, and due to the way she altered his views of human sexuality, she has formed a lasting part of his legacy.

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