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Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell, an American film and television actress. She was born in Maryland on November 1976. Maia is most known for her role in the sitcom In the House as Tiffany Warren. Campbell is the daughter of Bebe Moore Campbell, an American author, journalist and teacher, and Tiko Campbell, an architect, from Washington, D.C. Campbell’s mother has published three New York Times bestsellers: Brothers and Sisters, Singing in the Comeback Choir, and What You Owe Me, which was also a Los Angeles Times “Best Book of 2001”.

Campbell attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She was also seen in a role as Nicole in the Fox series South Central and a special appearance in Thea. She also had a minor role in John Singleton’s Poetic Justice, with Janet Jackson. Campbell also hosted the young adult magazine show Twenty-four/Seven in 1995.

She got married to Elias Gutierrez in 1998 which lasted till 2002. Campbell was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which she kept hidden from public eye during her career. After the birth of her daughter, Campbell, stopped treatment for her bipolar disorder, became addicted to drugs and was arrested multiple times for car theft, drug possession and prostitution. There were viral videos of Campbell on the Internet that showed Maia acting questionably. In 2010, Maia was arrested for theft and sent to a mandatory mental health facility. In 2012, having been sober for two years, she voluntarily moved to residential treatment center hoping to transition on her own.

Campbell was arrested in Riverdale, GA in 2015 where she was causing a scene. Despite officers gave her a chance to leave on her own, she refused. She was charged with disorderly conduct. Later that year she was arrested in a Burger King restaurant in Atlanta GA after verbally attacking a family and accusing their child of stealing her wallet.

Spouse: Elias Gutierrez (m. 1998–2002)
Parents: Bebe Moore Campbell, Tiko Campbell
Siblings: Ellis Gordon III
Children: Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez

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