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Lita [Wrestler]

Amy Christine Dumas

Amy Christine Dumas

Lita is a retired American professional wrestler. She is also a singer. Lita is one of the most popular female wrestlers in history. She has spent her career with ECW and WWE. She was the extreme diva. Lita is a former 4 time WWE Women’s Champion. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014. She is arguably the most popular WWE diva in history.

Lita Aka Amy Dumas Biography

Lita was born as Amy Christine Dumas on April 14, 1945. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has spent her childhood going from one place to another. She dropped out of college in 1993. She played bass guitar for a lot of bands. She wanted to become a professional wrestler after watching Rey Mysterio. She went to Mexico to train. After completing her training she returned to USA. After a stint in the Independent Circuit she was signed by Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman was the owner of ECW. She later joined WWE in 2000. She started alongside a luchadore Essa Rios. But she became famous as a member of The Hardy Boyz. She played Matt Hardy’s on-screen girlfriend. In real life they were dating. Most of her famous storylines include Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Edge. She had a fierce rivalry with Trish Stratus. She retired on 2006. By the time of her retirement she was a 4-time WWE Women’s Champion. She is known for her extreme wrestling style with The Hardy Boys. Lita was a high flyer during her career. She used to use moon sault as her finisher. She also used the twist of fate of The Hardy’s as her finishing move.

Lita has naturally brunette hair. But she dyed her hair red during her career. She had breast argumentation in 1999. She has a lot of tattoos on her. Lita has dated matt hardy from 1999 to 2005. After that she became romantically involved with Edge (Adam Copeland). The relationship was also used as a WWE Storyline between Matt and Edge. After that she dated CM Punk during 2009. She and Strish Stratus are good friends.

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