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Kay Sage

Kay Sage

Kay Sage

Kay Sage, whose full name was Katherine Linn Sage, was a famous painter and poet of the United States. She was one of the prominent figures of the Surrealist movement of the US. She earned fame for her artistic works which were the imageries of subconscious vision about nature.

Early Life

Sage born on 25 June in 1898 in New York, USA. Her father Henry Manning Sage was a politician and mother Anne Wheeler Sage was a housewife. Her family was one of the richest families in the city. When she was a child, her mother divorced his father and left the USA with little Kay to travel Europe. Her mother made a home in Italy to live. Kay was very fluent in French, Italian and Spanish from her days of travel. She liked drawing and poetry from childhood.

Margin of Silence (1942)

Kay first started her art education in Washington. But her actual stage of learning art introduced in Rome in 1920. Here she learned the grammar of art and started to make her own style. In Rome, she also met Prince Ranieri Di San Faustino, whom she loved and married in 1925. But as a matter of fact she didn’t like the upper class of Italy, so she left her husband in 1935.

Her first art exhibition of art held in Italy in 1936. She moved to Paris in 1937 and felt an enormous influence on surrealism and surrealist artists on her. She met Giorgio De Chirico, Andre Breton and Yves Tanguy in Paris. In 1938 she exhibited some of his paintings in Paris, where many critics praised her. She often helped the group of surrealists with her money. After starting the WW2 she moved to the USA and helped many surrealists to settle there. in 1940 Sage and Tanguy married in Nevada.

Sage was one of the prominent female surrealist artists of the 40’s. ‘Tomorrow Is Never’, ‘Unusual Thursday’, ‘Le passage’, ‘On The Contrary’, ‘In The 3rd Sleep’ etc. are her famous works of art.

Kay Sage committed suicide on 8 January in 1963.


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