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Kane [Wrestler]

Glenn Jacobs

Glenn Jacobs

The Big Red Monster Kane is a wrestler and actor. He is currently signed to WWE. Kane’s real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs. He was born in Spain. He is a former three time world champion.

Kane is famous for being the demonic little brother of The Undertaker. Kane made his WWE debut in 1997 by tearing the door of a hell in a cell cage. He is literally a monster. He possesses superhuman strength and he crazy. Kane is one of the wrestlers who can adapt to changes real quick. He has changed his style more than anyone else in the history of the WWE. Kane was first introduced as a monster who did nothing but hate The Undertaker. Later he learned how to talk and then became more and more like a normal monster with brains. Kane occasionally turns to his dark side. He is the self proclaimed ” the devil’s favorite demon.” His most memorable feuds have been with his brother The Undertaker. One numerous occasion he has shown that he is a team player. He won numerous tag team championships. He is one half of the powerhouse Brothers of Destruction. The duo has terrorized the WWE over a decade. Can is now unmasked as part of his gimmick. But the masked demon is way cooler. The masked Kane comes out of darkness when he wants. Kane’s character loves to burn people alive. He is one of the most dangerous wrestlers ever created by WWE. Kane’s Signature move is chokeslam and tombstone piledriver. Other than that he pretty much do everything undertaker does.

Devils Favorite Demon

Kane has starred in two horror films. Kane plays the character of Jacob Goodnight. Jacob is like Jason of “Friday the 13th” and Vincent of “House of Wax”. The films are perfect considering his reputation as a monster. He is one hell of a choice for Halloween.

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