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Joya Ahsan

Joya Ahsan is one of a top class model and actress in Bangladeshi TV & Film media. Firstly Joya wanted to be a singer and dancer. Although her father wanted her to be a service holder, Joya was interested in building her career in music and drawing. Besides her studies, she took a diploma course in Rabindra Sangeet and also undertook training in classical music. She began film career with Mustofa Sarwar Faruki‘s “Bachelor” released in 2004. Most of Bangla drama/ movie viewer love her perfect acting & cute face. There is no claim of illegal activity against J0YA. Her passion about art also carried her along as she made a solo art exhibition of her own. She also opened a music school. After working in the teledrama Anechy Shurjer Hashi, she became the brand ambassador of the US Aids to help the women and children.




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