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Ha-Neul Kim

Kim Ha-neul is a South Korean famous model & actress. Her Christian name is Cecilia. Kim was born in February 21, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. Ha-Neul means ‘sky‘ in Korean. Ha-neul’s acting career began in earnest with her 1998 performance, opposite Ji-tae Yu, in the troubled youth film “Bye June” directed by Choi Ho. She was considered as the Queen of romantic-comedies because she starred in hit films including My Tutor Friend (2003) and My Girlfriend Is An Agent (2009). As of June 16th, 2009 “My Girlfriend is an Agent” has sold over 4 million tickets in South Korea and became the biggest hit yet for the talented actress. She won Grand Bell Award as Best Actress in 2011 for Blind .

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