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George Washington

George Washington Painting

George Washington was the first President of United States of America. He is also known as one of the Founding Fathers of United States. He has his face imprinted on the Mount Rushmore. George Washington is often called “Father of The Nation” in America.

George Washington was born to a wealthy family in Colonial Virginia on February 22, 1732. His family was into tobacco business. His father was Augustine Washington. He owned hundreds of slaves throughout his lifetime. He wanted to abolish slavery later on. His father died when he was 11. His older brother became the head of the family.

In 1755, George Washington became the Commander of Virginia Regiment. He married Martha Dandridge Custis in 159. She was the wealthy widow of Daniel Parke Custis. He was now one of the richest man in Virginia. Washington lived an aristocratic lifestyle. He liked to attend parties and dancing. He imported luxurious goods from England. In 1775 he became the Commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolution. Historian John Shy said that by 1783 George Washington was a mediocre military strategist. But he also said that he became a master political tactician.

December 23, 1783, George Washington resigned his as commander-in-chief. King George III called George Washington “the greatest character of his age”. However, his retirement was short-lived. George Washington attended the Constitutional Convention in 1987. He was unanimously elected as the First President of United States of America in 1789. He was also elected again in 1792. John Adams was his Vice-President. He was paid a yearly sum of $25,000. He originally declined the salary because of the reputation of being a public servant. He preferred the title Mr. President over the other majestic names proposed. Washington thus began the rise of the great nation known today as the United States of America.

George Washington retired from the presidency in March 1797. He returned to Mount Vernon with after that. Washington Served as the senior officer of the United States Army in 1798. George Washington died around 10 p.m. on December 14, 1799. He was aged 67 at the time of his death. George Washington’s last word was “Tis Well”. Cynanche trachealis was reported to be the reason for his death.

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