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Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery is a French footballer. He plays for German club Bayern Munich. He has retired from France national team. He plays as a winger for Bayern Munich.

Franck Ribery was born on 7 April 1983 in Boulogne-sur-Mer. He was involved in a car accidenat as a child and needer over 100 stitches. This left two long scars on his face. He worked as a construction worker before becoming a professional footballer. He was signed to FC Metz 2004. He was the sold to Galatasaray. On 15 June 2005, Ribéry announced that he would be returning to France joining Ligue 1 club Marseille. In 2007 he joined Bayern Munich. He has won the Champions League with Bayern Munich.

Franck Ribery is married to Wahiba. The couple have 4 children. He is a convert to Islam. His Muslim name is Bilal Yusuf Mohammed. He has been involved in a child prostitution scandal with fellow french teammate Karim Benzema. He has scored 20 goals for France in 80 international appearances.

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