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Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert is an american pornographic actress. She is one of the most attractive new pornographic actresses. Calvert as won several awards in the pornographic film industry. She has written about the pornographic industry in mainstream media publications. She also works as a fetish model and art model.
Casey Calvert

Early Life

Casey Calvert was born on March 17, 1990 in Florida. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida. She is Jewish. She was raised in a conservative Jewish environment. While in college she became a fetish model and art model. She started in the adult industry in 2012.

She is 5’3″ tall and stunning brunette. She identifies herself as a feminist. She wants to pursue a career in mainstream movies but her involvement in the adult industry has hindered that ream.


Calvert began working as a fetish and art model in the spring of her junior year of college. She chose her stage name in honor of professor Clay Calvert after taking his class on Mass Media Law as a sophomore. She stated that “It felt right because really if I hadn’t taken his class, I wouldn’t be where I am right now,” referring to how she learned during his class that pornography wasn’t illegal as she had initially thought. She also stated that the first name “Casey” was derived from the initials of her celebrity crush’s children, K.C., but did not specify to whom she was referring.

She entered the adult film industry on 5 November 2012. Her first scene was for the studio SexArt. Mark Spiegler is her agent, but also does custom shoots. Calvert has described her career as: “Being a porn star is just like having any other job, except you’re naked on the Internet“.

In September 2015, Calvert was hired to write a monthly BDSM and fetish-themed column for GameLink’s The Naked Truth blog, and to answer reader questions on their website. She has also written about pornography for The Huffington Post. Calvert has also tried to pursue a mainstream acting and modeling career, but potential employers have refused to hire her because of her work in porn. She states that she has been recognized even while auditioning under her legal name.

Personal Life

Calvert identifies as a feminist. She is married to industry director Eli Cross.

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