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Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn Ashlee Rumfallo

Brynn Ashlee Rumfallo is a dancer from Club Dance in Arizona. Her mother is Ashlee Allen. She is best known as a member of the child dance crew Fresh Faces. She gained fame after appearing on the eighth season of America’s Got Talent, where she and Fresh Faces made it to the quarterfinals. She joined the cast of Dance Moms in season six. She only featured in three episodes, before departing without an explanation. Brynn first featured on the show in Season 5, where she appeared as a guest dancer alongside former fellow Club Dance teammate,Sarah Reasons.

She and Fresh Faces gained a national audience after appearing on season eight of “America’s Got Talent,” which was eventually won by fellow dancer Kenichi Ebina. However, she was eventually invited back to the ALDC the following season in New Season, New Rules. Brynn was finally made a permanent member on the elite team in Brynn’s Big Moment and has remained since.

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