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Baby Bash

Baby Bash is an American rapper. He performed with the name Baby Beesh from 1995-1998. After that, he changed the last part to Bash. Over the years, he has made many successful albums. Savage Dreams, On Tha Cool, Tha Smokin’ Nephew etc. are some of his popular albums.

Baby Bash‘s real name is Ronnie Rey Bryant. He was born in Mendota, California. His mother was a Latina and his father was an Anglo. He lived with his grandmother in his childhood. At first, he grew up in a mixed musical environment. He was a good basketball player in his junior college. After that, because of an ankle injury, he left it.

Baby Bash
Baby Bash

Baby began his music career with the group Potna Duece. After that, he left California and moved to Houston in 1998. Then he met rapper South Park Mexican there. Bryant’s first album was Savage Dreams released in 2001. His second album was On Tha Cool. After that, in 2003, he signed a contract with Universal Records. With them, he released his first major album Tha Smokin Nephew. That album was a huge hit. It ranked 48 on the Billboard 200. It also got the Gold certification by RIAA.

After that, he contributed on Paula DeAnda’s first single Doin Too Much. Then he released his third studio album Cyclone in 2007. After that, he has released many single and joint albums like Bashtown (2011), Don’t Panic, It’s Organic (2016), Latino Velvet – Velvet City (2000), Lone Star Ridaz – Wanted (2001), Lone Star Ridaz – Republic of Texas (2016) etc.

Baby Bash and Paul Wall was arrested once for the possession of marijuana. They both bailed with 300USD penalty.


Born: October 18, 1975 (age 41), Vallejo, California, United States
Full name: Ronnie Ray Bryant




    • Savage Dreams (2001) (as Baby Beesh)
    • On Tha Cool (2002) (as Baby Beesh)
    • Cyclone (2007)
    • Don’t Panic, It’s Organic (2016)

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