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B R Ambedkar

Young Ambedkar

Young Ambedkar

B R Ambedkar, full name Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian politician, jurist, economist and social reformer of British India. He inspired against the brutal caste system in Hinduism. Ambedkar also started the Dalit Buddhist movement. He is called Babasaheb by his admirers too.

Ambedkar born on 14 April 1891 into a poor low caste Mahar Family in Madhya Pradesh. His father Ramji Maloji Sakpal served the British Army. From Childhood, Ambedkar became the victim of caste discrimination. As a matter of fact, Brahmins treated him and his family as untouchables. His father used his army background as an influence to admit little Ambedkar into school. But he experienced inequality and discrimination in school too. He also had to seat out of the classroom. Moreover, the teachers did not allow him even to drink water there.


B R Ambedkar was the only lower-caste student in Elphinstone High school in 1897. He completed his matric level in 1907. After that, he studied at Elphinstone College and the University of Bombay. B R Ambedkar also obtained degrees in economics and political science by 1912. He obtained a degree in law from Columbia University and various doctorates from London School of Economics. All of his academic thesis’ was related to the problems of India and its problems. Thus he made the deepest analysis of the socio-cultural and economic systems of India.

He started a job as Military Secretary to the Gaikwad but soon had to leave it. He also worked as a private tutor and founded an investment consulting business. This business failed for the outlook of his clients about lower caste. Then he joined the Sydenham College as a professor of political economy in 1918. Later he became a professor of law. He tried to reduce the discriminations towards the untouchables legally against the ugly system of Brahminism.

He formed a political party to gain the rights of Dalit people. When he realized that the ugly caste system of Hinduism was going to exist for a long time, he and many of his follower became Buddhists. He was the person who wrote the constitution of India.

Ambedkar died of diabetes on 6 December in 1956 in Delhi. Indian people consider him as one of the greatest social reformers of all time.

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