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Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia Skukhtorova is a Russian athlete and dancer. She appeared in the 2013 edition of Russia’s Got Talent. She is a graceful dancer. Anastasia Sukhoverkova is also a pole dancing instructor.

Don’t get confused with the other pole dancer named Anastasia Sokolova.

Anastasia Skukhtorova was born in Moscow. Her birthdate is April 6 1990. Anastasia Skukhtorova started pole dancing when she was eighteen years old. She started pole dancing in the year 2008. She has an extremely flexible body. At first she used to train 6 to 7 hours a day 3 to 4 days a week. Her instructors advised her to become an instructor herself. in 2009, at the first Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition she won first place. She was second in the 2009 Russian Pole Fitness Championship. World Pole Dance Championship 2010 was held in Zurich. Anastasia Skukhtorova represented Russian on the world stage. She reached the finals of the competition. After the success she started to travel the world and perform. Anastasia also taught pole dancing. In 2011, she went to the artistic competition Pole Art. The competition was held in Helsinki. She came third in the competition. She also participated in the Russia’s Got Talent in 2013. She performed an amazing pole dance on the show.

Anastasia Skukhtorova on a pole.

Anastasia Skukhtorova is a beautiful girl with blonde hair. She is a graceful dancer. Her performances are considered passionate and emotional. Anastasia Skukhtorova has an artistic way of dancing. She is an extremely talented dancer. She has an athletic and naturally flexible body. She is currently one of the best pole dancers in the world. Anastasia Skukhtorova likes Computer games, meeting with friends, watching movies, reading books and Horse riding.

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Anastasia Skukhtorova – Russian Got talent pole dance

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