Parveen Shahani
Parveen Shahani

Name: Parveen Shahani
Other name: Parveen Hashmi
Birth Place: India
Citizenship: Indian
Language: Hindi
About: Parveen Shahani is spouse of bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi. The couple have a son, Ayaan Hashmi. Emraan and Parveen had a long time relationship, and get married on 14 December 2006. It has been told that she never gets insecure about Emraan Hashmi’s roles and there is a peace in her personal life
Family: Emraan Hashmi (Spouse); Anwar Hashmi (Father In Law); Pooja Bhatt (Sister In Law), Alia Bhatt (Sister In Law), Rahul Bhatt (Brother In Law), Vikram Bhatt (Brother In Law), Mohit Suri (Brother In Law), Onjolee Nair (Brother In Law).

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